From time to time, I watch videos especially since I now live in the Philippines and am not able to get “good”  preaching in the language I’m accustomed, so “thank God” there’s a medium, Internet, whereby I am able to get the, “spiritual food” I need to take me to the next level of spiritual growth.  One cannot overcome addiction or other issues without the Word of God.  So, my recommending these videos is all a part of reaching the total man.  Please view, enjoy and share with others.  Be aware, the first speaker, Elder CD Brooks was my pastor when I was a small boy, about 5 or so while living in Cleveland.  Fifty years later, I am still able to enjoy listening to him.

Elder Charles D. Brooks

“Special Message to the Last Generation”

“Seventh Day Sabbath”

“The Sign of Holiness”

“What Happened 5 Minutes After Christ Died?”

“The Devil Behind the Door”

“Has God Lost Control”

“The Test & The Testimony”

“Capricious Grace”

“The Awful Ride of the Four Horsemen”

“Preach the Word”

I Want My Church Back

Two Dangerous Worlds


Pastor Henry Wright

My favorite preacher and speaker, this man will humor you but you cannot listen without learning something you hadn’t considered before.  I challenge anyone to hear this man preach from the Bible and find fault.

“I Got Proof”

Keeping Up

“War Stories”

“Egypt & Worship”

“The Curse of Unforgiveness”

“Potomac Camp Meeting 2012 – Friday Night”

“When I Am Weak, Then I Am Strong”

“The Holy Spirit at the Cross”

“Potomac Camp Meeting 2012 – Wed. Night – Acceptance”

Elder Calvin Rock

Pastor Calvin Rock was president of then Oakwood College (Huntsville, AL), now Oakwood University when I was invited to attend when I was graduating high school.  After three days I was to give my evaluation and determine if I were planning to attend after graduation but because I had an offer to work for IBM, I decided against furthering my education.  A fine speaker, makes me wonder–now, what I would have experienced had I changed my mind.

Change of the Sabbath

Elder Dana Edmonds

Elder Dana Edmonds, President of South Central Conference of Seventh Day Adventist grew up with me in Cleveland, OH.  I told the jokes and he laughed. Who’d ever thought–then, I would go on to become a drug addict and he a leader of the church?  My point:  God leads us in various ways all pointing toward Him. There will be some who will take a road not preferred, but with the help of Christ, we will all join hands and together make it into Glory.

Pastor Stephen Bohr

Women Ordination the Third Option

If you wish to learn more about the, “3 Angel’s Message”, this man has a wonderful presentation of it.

The Three Angel’s Message

What is the Everlasting Gospel?

The Beginning of Wisdom

How to Glorify God?

The Hour of God’s Judgment

The Foundation of True Worship

Mystery, Babylon the Great

Babylon Abominable Wine

Babylon’s Filthy Fornication

Revelation’s Sea Beast

Revelation’s Land Beast

The Image of the Beast

666:  The Number of the Beast

The Mark of the Beast – Part 1

The Mark of the Beast – Part 2

The Wine of God’s Wrath

The Smoke of Babylon’s Torment

The Patience of the Saints

The Commandments of God

The Faith of Jesus

The Remnant of Her Seed


The Testimonies of Jesus

The Harvest of the Earth is Ripe

Come Out of Her My People

This next grouping of Pastor Stephen Bohr’s messages is regarding the “Sanctuary Service”.  Very powerful videos.  Enjoy!

His Way is in the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary’s Angels

Death and Life in the Sanctuary

The Incarnation’s Seven Secrets

The Lamb of God Slain

Reaping the Sanctuary’s Benefits

A People Close to His Heart

The Triangle of Sanctification

The Sanctuary’s Two Covenants

The Bible’s Foundational Prophecy

The Chronology of the Judgment

The Cleansing of the Sanctuary (Part 1)

The Cleansing of the Sanctuary (Part 2)

The Three Stages of Israel’s History

The Prophecy of the 70 Weeks (Part 1)

The Prophecy of the 70 Weeks (Part 2)

Found!  The Ark of the Covenant

The Manna Test

Disappointment in the Sanctuary

As a Thief in the Night

God On Trial

Other Messages by Pastor Bohr about the God-Head

1+1+1 = 3

The Ben Carson Factor

Pastor Walter Veith

Now here is a man I have come to admire, recently, and would like to share his videos as I have reviewed them.

Religious Controversy Final Conflict Update

218 – Two Beasts Become Friends / Total Onslaught

The Islamic Connection to Rome Catholicism

I Want My Church Back

Old Bottles, New Wineskins

Righteousness by Faith in Verity – Part 1 / Clash of Minds


Elder Andrew Henriques

Powerful preacher here.  See for yourself!

SDA Pastors Riot for Sunday Worship as National Apostasy Leads to National Ruin

Pope Promises Protestant “A Punch” For Preaching Prophecies Exposing Popery

Pope: Give Up Your Rights, Observe Sunday For Families, Expect To Be Martyred! Storm Is Coming

Pope Sets Up New World Order, Meet It!  Church Leaders Tear Down Pillars, Meet It!

Pope Crowned President In NYC! Expose This Judas! Papal Law Accepted Above Sharia In US

Pope Declares Bible A Dangerous Book And Nations Must Enforce N.S.L! Still Need More Signs?

Ben Carson for President?  SDA and Politics

Kings, Merchants Sip Pope’s Wine! Tower of Babel in Paris to Preserve ‘Common Home.’ We’re Pilgrims

More Apologies, Yet Popery Unchanged. Time To Identify Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing & Rescue Lambs

Christmas is Satan’s Annual Holiday

Pope: Sunday Law benefits Poor, Help Poor or Go to Hell. Ben Carson Scoffs at NSL, Demotes Ellen White

Bernie to meet Pope: Sunday Law solves poverty; New Inquisition here; F. Graham: Put God back into Government

April Calamities,Signing Climate Change Agreement,Earth Day,Eucharistic Miracles,All Lead To NSL

Joe Biden and Pope Team Up;John Kerry Calls For Church, State Union;SDAs cry Peace and Safety

State of World and Church in this 6000th Year and 4th Generation Shows that Jesus must Cut it Short

Pope’s I Have A Dream Speech; Charlemagne Prize; W.E.A. Makes Pope Head; CIA; Jesuits; N.D.P; N.S.L

Marijuana and LGBT Connected; Trans Beauty Pageant Unites Religions; USA Pushes Global LGBT Laws

Lebron, Cavs, Win NBA. Looking Forward To Olympics? What You Should Know About Sports

Christians Blamed For FL Gay Club Massacre; Implications For SDAs; SDAs Respond To Shootings

2300 Days Irrefutable; Yet Many SDA’s Depart From Foundation Of Faith, Saying There’s No Sanctuary

ISIS: Pope Enemy #1; Pope: SDAs Enemy#1; Pope’s Ecumenical Autumn, Facebook To Spread Message; Labor Day & National Sunday Law

Venezuela, Religions, look to Pope for Peace; Sports & Interfaith Union; Deliver Silly Women From Captors

2 Unclean Women Uplifting An Unclean Woman; Will SDA’s Join Them or Expose Them, Is The Protest Over?

SDA Leaders Forsake Eric Walsh? He’s Left To Stand Alone; He Turns To Babylon; He Appeals To Caesar

NAD Urge Members To Celebrate Halloween. Next Step, Keep Sunday Holy. Where’s The Protest?

SDAs Voted To Elect Trump; Focus On The Greater Election; Final Generation That Hates God Is Here

Trump, Hillary: Embrace Pope’s Message, Fight Anti-Catholicism; Pope Came, Saw, Is Conquering As Whirlwind

GC of SDA, G. Diop join Pope’s Plans; Uzzahs voted Trump to stop Moral Fall; Men Strive to be Greatest

Ganoune Diop, Jeffrey Rosario, Light Bearers Falsify EG White To Support Ecumenism with Babylon, Popery

Protestants Finished, Will SDA Still Exist 31-10-17; Ecumenism with Babylon, Popery

What JFK opposed and died for, Trump pushes. Pope, Trump divert minds w/ Wall; They destroy another Wall

Diagnosis Of SDA Church’s Spiritual Declension, While Some In Babylon Cry We Would See Jesus

US Election 9/11 style, Attack on freedoms, Fake News, BBC recants story of Hitler’s Pope, HBO: Young Pope

Ax laid at root. Higher Criticism root of Evolution, Women’s Ordination, LGBT, rejecting Bible & Spirit of Prophecy in SDA schools

Dan. 11:30 Berlin, Paris attacks by Tunisians Prophetic. Next Fundamentalists condemned as Terrorists

Pope preaches Loud Cry, 3 Angels, as US & Finland SDAs join Popery; leading Ecumenist preaches to GYC

Criticizing Pope is Terrorism, Popery rules Congress, SCOTUS. CDC’s Law, Sugary drink tax violate Rights

While Trump Inaugurated, SDAs Join Ecumenical Week of Prayer; Ted Wilson: Jesuits in SDA a Conspiracy

Trump Gives Church, Image of Popery, Power & Voice Via SCOTUS, Abortion, Planned Parenthood, POTUS Shield

Great Controversy pt. 1: Trump’s Vow “Make America Great” precedes Destruction as w/Jerusalem & Babylon

Great Controversy, pt. 2: Events in World & Church that Brought Persecution in 1st Centuries are Here

The Great Controversy pt. 3: Era of Spiritual Darkness. Noon of the Papacy is Midnight for the World

Great Controversy, Part 4: The Waldenses. Refuse “Brethren” Who Bring Peace, We’ll Encounter Enemies Who Bring War

Great Controversy, Part 5. John Wycliffe. Rivalry & Scandals Rock Catholic Church & S.D.A. Church

Great Controversy, Part 6: Council at Constance: Heal Schism, Root out Heresy. 10.31.17 Germany: Heal Wound, Martyr “Heretics”

Great Controversy, Part 7: 5 Reasons Luther left Popery & Gave Loud Cry. SDAs must leave Apostasy & Give Loud Cry

Great Controversy, Part 8: Prepare to stand before Church, State. Pastors allowed to teach lies if money, members increase

Great Controversy, pt. 9: Popery now owns Adventist Health & infiltrates SDA preaching, teaching, healing institutions

Great Controversy, Part 10: SDA Reformation proponents fund Killers of Reformation; Sligo Flaunts Women’s Ordination in Ted Wilson’s face

Great Controversy, Part 11: Pope vs Trump, Terrorism, Communism, Legalized LGBT, open way for 11th Hour Workers & 3 Angels

Great Controversy, pt 12: Pope Francis I Mirrors King Francis I. Birthplace of Jesuitism is Death-Place of Protestantism

Great Controversy, pt. 13. Trump’s Religious Freedom Bill, Image of Popery. Dichotomy: Pope In Jesuit Order & Orange Order

Great Controversy, Part 14: Globalism, Nationalism in Brexit, French election. Dr. Baldwin, Elce, Kurtley victims of SDA Schools

Great Controversy, pt. 15: Comey Fired. Zombie-Catholic Macron joins Pope. Tyranny, Sodomy in French Revolution, US, SDA by Roman Catholic Church

Great Controversy, pt. 16: Pope Leaves His Mark On Trump: I Won’t Forget Pope’s Words. 1st Catholic in White House since JFK 

Great Controversy, pt. 17: Trump Leaves Paris Climate Accord; Mary vs E. G. White; Ecumenical Wk, Pope awes Trudeau, Protestants

Great Controversy, pt. 18:  Pope, Charismatics seal Death of Protestantism @ Pentecost. World joins Pope’s Day of Peace 6/8/17

Great Controversy, pt. 18B: Scalise Shooting,Trump & Common Good. Jesuits Lecture SDA Leaders & push rewriting Constitution

Great Controversy, pt. 18C: 3 Woes: Merkel, Macron build World Army for Pope to Fight Extremists. Mark Finley Defends Great Hope

Great Controversy, pt. 19: Todd Leonard & Glendale SDA Host Gay Pride Party. PUC Praises LGBT. KY & Bible In Public Schools

GC20: Trump in Poland, Pope’s Religious War is Here. Nations Cry: We Want God! La Sierra Women Ordination & LGBT

Great Controversy , Part 21: Charlie Gard & Depopulation. Pope: Federalize EU…backs Death Penalty. SDA: Keep Sunday Holy & Creed

GC22: SDAs, Loren Seibold: Let Pope Off Hook. “Court Evangelicals.” SDA Teen Talk Endorses LGBT Leaders

GC23: White House Bible Studies Spur Awakening. Social Media, Pope, Great Hope kill Protestantism. Road to Cashless

6 more States to amend Constitution. Pope & U.S. grant limited rights. Protestants join Pope, pressure Government

EU crowns Pope Head of Rebirth; Moonlight LGBT in SDA; Diop accepts Mormon Award calls them Men of God

LGBT Agenda Wins More SDA Churches; Pastor J. McLarty: Reject Bible 4 LGBT; SDA Church Coming Out Party

Pope: Stop protesting popery. He uses Focolare to heal wound, SDAs join; UK: give up privacy for security

US attacks Syria, Judgment almost over. Peoples Climate Movement to march on Washington for Sunday Law

Trump’s MOAB pretext 4 MOB; Social Media used 4 Brain Hacking; Prince Charles: UK still defends popery

SDA Pastor Alicia Johnston comes out as Bi-sexual; Not the first, won’t be last. W.O. & LGBT connection

 Doug Batchelor

Newflash 2015 – Benchmarks of the Beast

Jesuits Created The Secret Rapture & 7 Year Tribulation

The Sabbath Debate! with Pastor Doug Batchelor and Steve Gregg (March 30, 2018)

Dr Dwight Nelson

Holy Trinity Doctrine Under Fire/Triune God


Pastor Brandon Coy

Sermon: The Seven Seals Both Old and New


Joe Crews

The Search for the True Church – Part 1

The Search for the True Church – Part 2

David Barron

Donald Trump, the Church, the State, and the Image to the Beast

Jeff Pippenger

Jeff Pippenger is perhaps the most prolific prophecy teacher I have ever encountered.

Jeff Pippenger part 3, Cottonwood, Ca

Jeff Pippenger part 4, Cottonwood, Ca

Jeff Pippenger part 5, Cottonwood, Ca

Jeff Pippenger part 6, Cottonwood, Ca

The Last President of The USA – Part 1 by Jeff Pippenger Portola 8 6 2016

The Last President of The USA – Part 2 by Jeff Pippenger Portola 8 6 2016

The Last President of The USA Part 3 by Jeff Pippenger Portola 8 6 2016

The Last President of The USA Part 4 by Jeff Pippenger Portola 8 6 2016

The Last President of The USA Part 5 by Jeff Pippenger Portola 8 6 2016

The Last President of The USA Part 6 by Jeff Pippenger Portola 8 6 2016

The Last President of The USA Part 7 by Jeff Pippenger Portola 8 6 2016

01.Habakkuk’s Two Tables: The Spirit of Prophecy: The Midnight Cry

2 – Habakkuk’s Two Tables part 2 by Jeff Pippenger June 2012.mp4

This is a video a brother sent me regarding addiction.  I found it so meaningful to having lived through the same experience.  Please review and share with others.

Maybe It’s Time for a Change

Last but not least, I do have a fun side and show it while instructing a young friend, Lexi, on how to open a coconut.

Roy & Lexi

Every now and then, one meets a man who has had an impact on their lives. Pastor Foster was one for me.  Sadly for us who know him, but joyfully for him, his battle is over and can now rest in peace while waiting for those of us who are remaining to continue fighting our battle that we may all be a part of that Great Reunion when Jesus returns.  It is to his honor, I post the  Memorial Service for the late Pastor Gilbert Foster.

Pastor Foster’s Eulogy

And now, I’d like to  share videos recorded when I have been involved in ministry:

Roy preaching at Provident SDA Church

A Clip of Bro. Roy preaching at Provident SDA Church

Another Clip of When God Spoke Directly to Me

God Spoke a Miracle to Me

Roy preaching at the Chinese/Filipino SDA Church

Lord, Give Us Time

Although, I’m not a proponent of anything having to do with Christmas, this is one touching video regarding helping someone in addiction.  I couldn’t resist adding it to my site.  Please watch and experience what I just did.

Secret Santa Helps Heroin Addict


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  1. LOVE these messages. Thank you so much. God bless y’all & your families.

  2. Thank you so much for these messages. I really love it. I know God made me look and read all your sharing because it strengthen me and my family. Thank you once again. God bless you and your family.

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