Daily being online I come across many sites which I find useful.  Why keep all this good information to myself?  So, this page is set up to give these individuals, worthy individuals, honorable mention and hope you will support their efforts as you are supporting mine.  Many may not necessarily be sharing the message I am but in many ways are involved in wanting to help people reach their full potential despite difficult situations.

The first comes to mind is Samantha A. Gregory.  She is soooo involved in women’s ministry it makes me wonder how she continues to do all the wonderful things she does, as well as being a wonderful, no WONDERFUL mother!  She is also my friend who helped with the publishing of my first book, “If You Send Me, I Will Go”.

Samantha receiving the first copy of my book

Samantha receiving the first copy of my book

Visit her site and learn how she may help you or someone you know.


Perhaps the hardest working man I know as well as knowledgeable of the prophecies of Daniel & Revelation would be Robert Wright.  As Executive Director of Nubian Directions, he’s responsible for the helping of many young people which his organization became their second chance to overcome their difficulties or face serious issues and consequences, many by the legal system.  Even adults utilize his facility to enhance their life’s skills in becoming achievers of their goals.  Robert is my friend of nearly 40 years and certainly someone who is resourceful, cheerful and Christ-like.

Executive Director of Nubian Directions, Robert Wright

Executive Director of Nubian Directions, Robert Wright

Visit his organization’s site to see if they may provide direction for you.


I went to school with this young lady.  Audrey’s doing big things and perhaps visiting her site would be helpful to you!

Audry Wiggans

The Audrey Wiggins Show


Imran Islim

This young man, Imran Islim, is an example of persistence.  He had made it his determination to break through my wall of stubbornness and zeal to do my best for God which often put him at odds with me, but he made a proposal and I couldn’t refuse.  If you are looking for a site which provides a cornucopia of relevant and important information, this would be a good one to consider!

Some of the best sites I use for my own personal Bible study are these:

The Ellen G. White Estate, Inc.

The Christian Resource Centre

The Bible Hub – (Perhaps the BEST Bible Research Software available)

Vacation Sites – Bohol

Perhaps the best I’ve had, to date, where accommodations, location and food was ideal.  I definitely recommend this place for your restful enjoyment.


6 thoughts on “Sites”

  1. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,” Galatians 5:21 I consider your gift of including us on your site Roy, an act of love. Thank you for your kindness.

  2. Thank you brother in Christ. I’m really happy and touched of the Love that gives a man to be bold to spread the Truth where really care those people who need the support. God bless you.

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