How many of you have had the distinct, um, pleasure having to go to court and actually appear before a judge?  Okay, okay, traffic court can count, but I’m talking about a “real” courtroom, a real judge and having a real case which is going to be determined, by law, and your liberty is at stake.  Anyone?  Okay, I will be glad to share from my manifold experiences!

Perhaps the most awesome was my experience dealing with the federal court system of the United States.  Now, I have been in courtrooms before:  city, county, and state; however, nothing prepares you for entering into the sanctity of a federal courtroom.  The furnishings are awesome and the technology available, well, speaking as a geek, takes one’s breath away.  When you hear your name and case number being spoken and you’re the focus of everyone’s attention, well, then you will have an idea of what is taking place in the greatest courtroom of all, the Heavenly Court which is presided over by God.  Now, all of this really doesn’t take place, like it is done here, because technically we do not appear, in person—literally in person, but our record speaks for us in God’s adjudication.  This is why the Sanctuary Service is the key to understanding the process of Judgment.

Psa 77:13  Thy way, O God, is in the sanctuary: who is so great a God as our God?

We have heard and spoken about a “Judgment” and many, sadly, have no clue as to what it means and how it is conducted.  They believe, some, they will actually stand before God and be able to defend themselves!  What could you possibly say to the One who knows all things?  It is by understanding the Sanctuary Service and what took place during the time of Israel we’re able to understand how this is applied to our lives, actually, right now!

If you have read the Old Testament you have understanding regarding the Sanctuary and Most Holy Place.  If you look at what John wrote in the New Testament, this is what he saw:

Rev 11:19  And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.

Now, in keeping within the context of this verse, John saw the Ark of the Testimony, which was the pattern Moses was given and made a replica for our purposes and understanding.  John saw this Ark which would appear AFTER the 1,260 prophecy which ended in 1798.  Although this was written in 95 AD, John was privileged to see a future time, where the “Two Witnesses” (Old and New Testament) were slain in the streets of France.  (Bro. Roy’s Note:  Send me a message if you do not understand this and I will help you.)  John saw God’s Ark, which means he saw right into the Most Holy Place where God resides and where Judgment takes place.  Now, question:  Did any of the Israelites ever appeared before God in the Most Holy Place?  The answer:  Yes and No!  Yes, because their sins were presented before God and “No”, because they were on the outside of the tabernacle grounds.  It was the High Priest who went before God, and the High Priest is a representative of Christ.

Now, in front of Christ is the Ark, which is before God’s presence in the Shekinah.  In the Ark was the Ten Commandments, the Law which is the standard used for Judgment.  On top of the cabinet directly above the Ten Commandments sat a laver or “Mercy Seat” where Christ’s blood was sprinkled to pay the penalty for having broken the Law which was beneath.  So, if John saw this in a future, prophetic time, then does it not stand to reason the Law of God is still in force today?

Let’s hypothetically create a courtroom scene in our mind and see ourselves bring ushered in, before God who is ready to judge us.  When you are sat down in the defendant’s chair, what would be the first thing you would see?  It would be the Ark and being a student of the Bible you KNOW what is in that Ark, the Ten Commandments.  Now, for many of you this would be a scary moment because you believed those Ten Laws were “done away”, “fulfilled in the sense no longer valid”.  What could you possibly say which would make you and the Judge of judges see eye to eye?  Would you be able to stand and represent yourself and state, “Lord, it is your grace which I was depending upon.”  Your own attorney/high priest, Christ would have to look you in the eye and make it clear He died for anyone who accepted His Law and fell short.  This was the purpose of the Mercy Seat.  However, grace only came into the picture when you broke the Law.  But if you believed there is no Law, you could not receive any Grace and therefore not a recipient of Mercy.  You are doomed—eternally, eternally doomed.

That is a sobering thought, is it not?

The Ark of the Testament, which it was called by Moses by the instruction of God, as seen by John AFTER Christ was risen and had gone to heaven some sixty years before, clearly states what is necessary for us today, since the time of the end began during this time.  Are we not living in the “time of the end”?  Then everything John saw applies to you and I.

Every defendant, well, at least the smart ones I have ever known while I was in jail waiting to see the judge, took the time necessary to prepare their defenses.  We wanted to know the ins and outs of the law so we were prepared to answer properly because we’re only given one chance.  Those who played cards, watch television or just plainly did not care are the ones typified by believing everything was going to work out for their benefit in the end.  Those are the ones who are depending upon “grace” as if this will save them without them having to do anything.  It will be a very sad day because judgment will be pronounced AGAINST them and not FOR them and it will be too late.

How are you preparing for your day in court?

May 25, 2017