Would you?

Many of us are under the mistaken notion when Sunday Legislation begin we will be in an ideal position to warn people regarding their not keeping God’s Commandments and receiving His “seal”, the only difference from getting the “Mark of the Beast”, (Sunday worship AFTER Sunday Legislation begins in the United States).  You’re not looking at the whole picture so allow me to paint the picture for you.

Things are getting bad.  The economy is failing.  The weather is not cooperating.  Tragedies and calamities are happening all over the globe and when the call for unity goes out there is this one group of people, whether jointly or singularly depending where you live, is taking the heat for not joining and it “MUST BE YOUR FAULT” these things are happening!  Why would you want to go against what will seem to be a “good” and “fair” law?  It is the one time in history when all people are coming together.  This is good, right?  In fact, there seems to be some peace until the next disaster causes you to come under their radar again.  You think you have this great message to share with whomever you’re privileged to speak, whether family, friends or the authorities and nobody seems to be paying any attention or take you seriously.  Why is that?

Take it from someone who knows.  Once you are categorized as being outside the law, a felon, your credibility is shot!  No matter how much I might preach having recovered from drugs, living a clean and sober lifestyle, there will still be those who will clutch their purses a little closer and for the guys, to tap that pocket—discreetly, hoping I hadn’t figured a way to get at it without you having known!  The sigh of relief when you have heard, “Good seeing you again, ‘BROTHER’, and they’re grateful to see the back of you moving forward and their stuff is still where they left it!”  That’s what you can expect when you are known as a criminal.

Sabbathkeepers will be adjudged criminal.  You are the reason why all these catastrophes are taking place and you THINK people are going to want to hear this message of THEM BEING IN THE WRONG!  You’re the criminal!!!  Don’t get it twisted.  When your friends, work partners and loved ones are getting ready to pull a “Jonah” on you, whatever message you might have to share will sound like a man being tossed off a skyscraper shouting.

While my concern is legitimate, the real message I want to leave behind is not so much what you might say to them, but what is being said—to you, today!  Are you living your life in anticipation of that time?  Is that your “wake-up” call before getting it together?  Could it be, now listen to me, could it be the time of your judgment might have already passed since you’re the one supposed to be in the “know” now, and now the time is given for those outside the fold?  I mean, could it be?  This is the thoughts I’m having right now.  None of us know when our name comes up for examination.  Has your name ALREADY came up and right now you’re just abiding your time and God is just being gracious, allowing you to have some peaceful moments because, well, um, you ain’t gonna make it!

This is a sobering thought, isn’t it?  I guess this why Paul said,

“But exhort one another daily, while it is called To day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.” Heb 3:13 (KJV)

I’ve always liked that word, “exhort”.  Considered yourselves “exhorted” because if you realize—now, they won’t be listening to you, who will you tell when you are on the other side, too!

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April 9, 2016