A quote taken from Matthew Henry:

“When we think the Scripture must be made to agree with the false ideas we have imbibed, no wonder that we complain of difficulty; but when our reasonings are captivated to revelation, the matter becomes easy.”

I have a brother, a friend, who in attempting to answer questions posed about the Sabbath, especially the one, “Did God create the Sabbath to be given 2,500 years later, and not to the man (Adam), since it was made for him, from the beginning of our time?”  This was his response, “Yes.”  Then, his response to Isa. 66 about the new earth and Sabbath, he believes it is not talking about the “weekly” Sabbath, but a span of time!  But now, this is also the same man who didn’t know Adam and his wife were created the day BEFORE the Sabbath!  So, what does this tell you about this man’s understanding regarding Scriptures and more specifically about the Sabbath?  Would he not be guilty of trying to make the Scriptures fit to his ill-conceived, pre-conceived ideas, and not only this one man, but a whole denomination in fact, and they call themselves the “Church of Christ”, and yet do not believe what Christ has done!  Sounds like confusion to me.

It is similar to someone attempting to prove 1 + 1 = 3.  They will go through all types of reasoning, bringing into the conversation concepts which justifies their understanding but nonetheless is worthless, because the equation given is the basis of our complete mathematic system.  So, the end result of whatever they come up with will never be right.  Their whole understanding, no matter how good it might sound, how complex it might look will always be false.  It can never be right.

Some of the greatest minds have already established, and these are nominal (Sunday worshipers) will state there is no command to be found in the Scriptures, nor from the Apostles or Christ Himself which establishes or justifies the keeping of Sunday as God’s holy day.  It is from custom and tradition which began with the Roman Catholic Church in adopting pagan practices.  Now, that’s the basic truth, and those who differ from the basic truth will get their entire understanding of Scripture askew and can never come up to a true and full understanding of Scripture!  That is a fact.  Not my opinion.

He believes he knows the “mind of God” and takes the Scriptures literally, word by word, and yet when he reads: “Remember the Sabbath day…” God is talking to one man, Moses, and not Adam.  When Jesus says the “Sabbath was made for man…” It was not talking to the first man He created!  Sounds like 1 + 1 = 3 to me!

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March 10, 2016