While I am not a proponent of women’s ordination and the momentous event regarding such has been put to rest at least for the next five years with the Seventh Day Adventist Church, I would like to share something I came across in my afternoon study found in Matthew Henry’s Commentary on Matthew 28:

“The women are sent to tell it to them, and so are made, as it were, the apostles of the Apostles. This was an honour put upon them, and a recompence for their constant affectionate adherence to Him, at the cross, and in the grave, and a rebuke to the Disciples who forsook Him. Still God chooses the weak things of the world, to confound the mighty, and puts the treasure, not only into earthen vessels, but here into the weaker vessels; as the woman, being deceived by the suggestions of an evil angel, was first in the transgression (1 Tim. 2:14), so these women, being duly informed by the instructions of a good angel, were first in the belief of the redemption from transgression by Christ’s resurrection, that that reproach of their sex might be rolled away, by putting this in the balance against it, which is their perpetual praise.”

I thought this was beautiful and suffice it to say, provides the greatest honor given to women who desire some role in ministry.

Now, I do not propose to get involved in some great theological debate but I will take a few moments to explain a deeper and meaningful experience, personal to myself, which could go further in explaining why I am not, why others may not be proponents for the ordination of women.

In my history as a substance abuser I learned something so valuable it changed my whole life, still has an effect, and continues doing so until this earthly life is given in exchange for immortality and the lesson is:  the consequences of sin.  I describe it to groups, when I am privileged to speak, as tossing a pebble into a pond.  The fact you can no longer see evidence of the rippling effect, has the motion of the original toss stopped occurring?  The answer is:  No.  The pond has been changed to a state it can never return, no matter how it may appear on the surface.  To think I can throw a rock off the coast of California and the eventual effect it will have on the coast of the Philippines is phenomenal.  Such is sin!

What Eve did, regardless of the non-effect UNTIL Adam ate the fruit, doesn’t do away with the act of Eve and the consequences of what she did will continue having a course it must run, until that day when all of our lives have been changed.  Sure, God had forgiven me for my act(ion)[s] of addiction but it doesn’t stop the consequences from that fateful day in June 1989 even to August 2015!  One act, one move can and does change our lives and there is no getting back, no reversing the act despite all the forgiveness given and we must learn to be, as Paul so eloquently states, “content” within our lot believing and looking forward, and this is what I do—daily.

Women have a tremendous work to do, to some extent which a man could not do, but because of one act of disobedience places her in a position lower than man, as what we men have done which places us in a lower position than we once were given.  Is this bad?  Oh, no no no.  It is wonderful when despite our actions we can see the reaction of God counteracting and causing our issues to be something positive reinforcing the text in Romans 8:28:  “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.”

My choice on that June day precludes me from ever holding a job with a felony record.  It means forever having to answer in the affirmative the question asked, “Have you even taken an illegal drug”?  These things I can never change, but it doesn’t stop me from ministering, too, and I’ve learned how to be content!

Eve’s predecessors were given the honor of giving to Adam’s predecessors the good news after once providing him with bad news.  Sounds to me, like women have righted the situation and been granted the greatest gift of ministry and that is by announcing, “Our Redeemer liveth”.  And no man, or woman, can ever take that away.


August 10, 2015


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