This word, “witness” has been floating in my head, after I read what Matthew Henry wrote and I posted yesterday, which can be found on my timeline.  But there seems to be more to elaborate upon so the point, the valid point is not missed.  I think, too, because of my own experience in the legal system, this word has a special relevance, which only those of us who have ever stood before a judge can attest, but the truth of the matter is, we shall all stand in front of the Judge of judges and no doubt it would help to have a credible witness for our case.

If you are a fan of police crime dramas, as I am, this is one way of learning the legal system.  When you are in custody and go through the preliminaries of trial, your attorney will ask you this important question after learning what it is you did or did not do:  “Do you have any witnesses who can vouch for you?”  You learn rather quickly anyone can be a witness, but it helps greatly if your witness is credible.  If you don’t, or your witness is not credible, it can sink you even worse than where you presently stood.  In other words, in my previous lifestyle of drug addiction, if I were being charged with a crime, to have a fellow crackhead as my witness doesn’t say much for my defense, which is often based upon one’s character!  One seeks to have someone who carries stature with the authorities, someone with whom the judge might consider an equal, someone without question or stain on their character, and if finding one, you will have a better day.  In one of my court appearances I knew I had struck gold when the judge asked my attorney before my case was heard, if their golf day still on!  Ain’t nothing like having an attorney who is a friend of the judge.

When Christ was here, He was asked who could vouch for Him, and He could only give this answer, “My Father and Himself.”  The problem with that is, anyone who witnesses for themselves is considered self-serving.  And, well, His Father was not the kind of Individual Who’d be apt to show up because of a subpoena, but, now listen to this, BUT, Christ had TWO Witnesses when His ministry began:  The Father’s voice was heard and the Holy Spirit was seen in the form of a dove.  Now, what is the importance of this?  These were the two most qualified witnesses He could have had, and which existed.  There were none others. Remember, you have to have witnesses who may be your peers, but they had to have known you, been there, and will attest on your behalf.

The definition of witness is this:

To have personal or direct cognizance of,

To be present at (an event) in order to be able to say that it happened,

One who has personal knowledge of something.

Could anyone, man or angel, be considered “credible” in witnessing on the behalf of Christ? No.

In essence, this would defend the doctrine of the Trinity.  Christ already stated His testimony of Himself is not valid, just as our testimony for ourselves would not be considered valid, so it takes the testimony of others who are not being questioned, in order for us to find justice.

Fast forward.

There is coming a time, even now, when Christ will serve not only as our attorney in the “court of Heaven” but He serves as our “Witness” against the prosecutor who wishes us to receive the harshest sentence, the “death penalty”.  And would you like to know the beauty of this whole court scenario?  Our Attorney-of-Record happens to be related to the Judge!

Case dismissed!


December 22, 2015