Those of us who KNOW the Commandments are familiar with the phrase, “Within the gates”.  It means “all within our reach, our responsibility, when the Sabbath comes upon us, you will be held by the same rule.”  Okay, there are still some who are confused.  Let’s break it down even more:  “If you came to visit me, whether or not you were a Commandment-keeper, when the Sabbath approached, YOU WILL be keeping the Sabbath in my home.  How I determine the Sabbath is to be kept, you must follow or should seek accommodations elsewhere for those twenty-four hours.  I have a brother, not biological, but definitely the example in the Scriptures,

“A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” Prov 18:24 (KJV)

For to have one in your life is truly a blessing.  There had been several occasions when I needed a home to begin after having setbacks and there was no question, when the Sabbath came, you would be attending church, with him.  He had to admonish me once, because it would only be done once, “We don’t turn on the television during the Sabbath in this house.”  I respect this.

I read a friend’s comment on Facebook who stated regarding the recent news about homosexuality and marriage, “My son would not be welcomed in my home if this was his chosen lifestyle.”  I admire this, too.  Never having had children, I cannot possibly relate to the bond, but I have been a child.  I have brothers.  I know should a brother announced to me, after having grown up as I have, with the same parents, with the same religious experience, that he was gay, I would have to agree with the sister’s statement, “No, you would not be welcomed in my home.”  Now, let me qualify this:  If you are coming for prayer, for counsel, for brotherly-fellowship and friendship because you wanted to change your life, come on and let’s get started.  But, if you are wanting me to accept you in your chosen lifestyle, no, it is not possible.

I remember the days of my addiction.  My addiction precipitated me to be a thief.  If you invited me into your home, I can tell you this, regardless if you were my brother, when I left, something of yours would be coming with me! Just ask my brother who was a policemen how that worked out for him.  Just ask my grandmother who so graciously permitted me to stay in her home, or be homeless, how that worked out for her.  There was no boundary when I was in my addiction.  I joke how my father and his bride permitted me to live in their home.  At their wedding, friends gave them a money-tree.  As an addict and seeing this tree, I can tell you that money tree went through an autumn season for its leaves were shedding into my pocket to pay for further drug use.  Nothing and nobody’s environs were sacred, to me.  I can readily admit, having had the experience, I would be foolish to allow someone in active addiction to stay as a guest in my home.

I have at least one friend who has admitted to be being gay.  I would allow him to visit and stay; however, I could not and would not allow his “lover” to occupy my home and be under the same roof.  My wife has gay relatives, who would be welcomed here IF they, too, wanted to change their lives.  You see, while my home is not a church, which must open it’s doors to receive you, provided you wanted to change your life, the same would apply here, but you cannot step over my threshold and think I will be accepting of your lifestyle, because I will not be one to facilitate it.  No, you will be called to task and I can assure you depending upon your resistance, would determine how comfortable you will be.

Sin is not supposed to be made comfortable.  I cannot accommodate your sinful lifestyle, and you have no desire to change and think it is fine and this is the way you wish to live.  I’m sorry, but I cannot be a part of your experience in that way.

So, I think if I did have a daughter, or son, and I’ve done all I could to raise them with proper principles found in Scripture, prayed with them, taught them, loved them and cherished them and they came to me with the announcement they were gay, something which is unimaginable in my thinking, yes, I will always love you, and there’s the door.


June 29, 2015


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