My studying of late has taken me into serious consideration regarding the end-times when it will be necessary to leave the comfort of home and “head for the hills”, as they say.  When studying Scripture and history to see what occurred during the destruction of Jerusalem, learning how not one Christian’s life was lost during the siege and every Jewish individual person was lost in Jerusalem, it paints a sobering picture for what it will be during our time.

Many of us take comfort with the thought you might have moved out of the major cities.  But, will this be enough?  Do not be lulled into thinking because you have gotten out of the city, living in a fine suburban setting, even have a nice vegetable garden on the side of your home, this will be sufficient and you are doing what is required.  You are sadly mistaking.

If you take the story of Lot, he wanted to choose his own place of hiding during the siege of Sodom and Gomorrah and his selection was permitted, for a time.  Later, he had to leave his new chosen home and eventually go where God had intended him from the beginning, and I think this is where many of us will have to acknowledge.  Moving from the city to the suburbs isn’t quite what the Spirit of Prophecy had in mind.  There will come a time when moving from the suburbs into a more rural setting will be necessary for the saving of your lives—seriously!

In the photos I’ve chosen for this post, the first is a family we’ve all read about in The Great Controversy, the “Waldens”.  Camping out in the Piedmont Mountains, during the winter, would be too much for most of us.  I know it would be for me.  The second photo is from a rural area of the Philippines.  A more desired place if anyone had to leave.  At least it is warm, which would be a preferred condition, for me.  When I see places like these while residing here, what I used to scoff at might just very well be the place I might end up.  Where there is no running water or bathroom.  Where there is no electricity.

How will those smartphones be charged then?  Even those compact power banks will run dry after a while.  Forget about ATM’s.  These folks have no accounts and what they eat is truly from the ground.  I’ve seen them harvesting fruit and rice.  I have seen them cooking in pots over flames using wood.  I have not seen wires running from poles carrying electricity and when chatting with them, saying, “good night” and it is just 8:00 pm and there is no work they need to rest for, at least not the work which is done in an office.  It becomes “good night” because there is no more light, so time for sleeping and the early rise will be necessary to see to the crops and whatever else necessary while it is “light”, for a new day.  THIS is the kind of lifestyle some of us will be headed toward.  Living in the mountains and hills, having removed the SIM card so there will be no tracking us via GPS, while utilizing solar batteries to continue use of our gadgets, the smaller ones we managed to carry with us having gone as far as the tank of gas has allowed.

The alternative is not good.  I remember telling friends, they thought I was joking, but I was serious, when the time comes to run, they won’t have far to look for me because I will be at the nearest KFC having my last bucket of chicken before heading off to prison.  Having “been there and done that”, would be like a “home-coming” for me, but the truth be told, what I have experienced before will be considered a picnic when this time is upon us.  There won’t be “3 squares and a cot”.  Persecution will be tenfold.  Death will be topic for the day, if not by the hands of our persecutors, then by the plagues falling upon the general areas.  So, if you don’t fear man, then fear God.  Thoughts of having left and headed for the rural areas would have then been a better choice, for at least you are free, have your liberty and able to find something to eat until the heavens roll away like a scroll and you know what happens next.

So, what will be the sign foretelling the time for y(our) departure?  Before there will be a “universal” Sunday Law, there will be a “national” Sunday Law.  But even before there is a “national” Sunday Law enforced, might there be a “state” Sunday Law?  A “county” Sunday Law?  A “community” Sunday Law?  For those of us living in the Philippines, a “Barangay” Sunday Law?  How long will it take before you realize the time is now for us to depart from whatever comforts we are now enjoying and head to where it is not as comfortable, no air-con, no bug-spray, no comfort rooms (bathrooms).  Interesting, how there is no way I would eat fruit growing on a tree or out of the ground, but yet I will eat the same fruit or vegetable being sold at SM Hypermart!  I’m sure my belief system will take a different turn when those “miss meal cramps” begin to be a reality.

The last point is this:  will you be ready to go even if it means leaving loved ones behind because they don’t see it quite like you do?  They were believing everything you did until the actual time came to leave and they just cannot bring themselves to depart.  Will you go?  Or will you choose to stay behind giving up your faith?

These considerations are real and need to become a matter of thought—now, while we are preparing for the times just up ahead.

Do you know the signs?

Anabaptist Christians flee persecution in Europe

March 14, 2017