Not because they can save me—they can’t.  I keep them because He asked me to do so and because I love Him.  I also keep them because I “am” (being) saved as evidenced by the power given me, by faith, to keep them.  I also keep them because my knowledge of them will help me in the Judgment because not knowing them exposes me to sin, and since I will be judged by the Commandments, doesn’t it make sense to both know and keep them?

Think about it.  When you are brought into a court of law you’re asked to have an attorney.  Why?  Because an attorney should know the law and be able to represent you whereas you may not know the law and there is no advantage given you for not knowing.  The advantage—then, comes from either knowing or being represented by someone who does know and will have your best interest.

What happens if I choose not to accept the law?  Can I still be guilty of breaking it?  Of course.  It’s rather silly to think because you do not accept the law of the land the land cannot find you guilty!  The same as with God’s Law.  The fact you may not accept them as being binding on you does not do away with the fact you can still be found guilty of breaking them.  By the way, there is no representative who can help you in that case.

In God’s court of Law (The Sanctuary), where we are all judged—including you who may not know this, may not believe this, or may even accept this, but it doesn’t make it not true.  There is God who is the Judge and for those who have His Son, Christ, as their attorney-on-record for their representative have the best legal authority which can help them.  Those who choose not to accept the Law and break it willfully have another representative for their case and he’s the most experienced, too, regarding the breaking of the Law because his license to practice, in the jurisdiction of heaven, was revoked, but unfortunately for you, there is no other who can represent you but since he and you share similar problems, you will also share in the same fate!  Scary, isn’t it!

Let me ask you a question:  “Will anyone found guilty of breaking the Law and have not received grace, will they be in heaven?”  I think the answer could be easily determined.  Do you know anyone who was found guilty of breaking the law of the land, did not receive mercy from the court, and was allowed to walk free?

So, why do you continue to think the Ten Commandments of God are not still binding upon mankind? If you believe in a Judgment Day, what do you think will be used as the standard of judgment?  No Law, no judgment.  No judgment, no need of the Law.  Then what has this been all about?  Because no Law then there is no Law-Giver.  No Law-Giver, there is no sin.  No sin, there is nothing to fear—well, except ourselves!


May 23, 2016