Don’t get it twisted, this post has nothing to do with any pagan holiday but on a deeper level.  It is about the dichotomy of what God and satan does, to us.  Whatever God has given you to be used for you and the benefit of others, the enemy is right there at(tempting) you to use it against you and the detriment of others.

If God has given you the ability to preach in a mighty way, satan will be right there to use that mouth to give all kinds of perversions, to diminish whatever power others may have gotten by listening.  If God has given you the ability to write, satan will have you writing messages which counter the effect of the blessings to others becomes curses to them.  If God has given you the ability to sing, how many secular and sinful songs will he set in motion whereby to get greater praise, not of God but of men?  This is how our common enemy works.  Whatever God has gifted you, satan takes that gift and pollutes it into it being a gift of his own.


Know that whatever talents, gifts and abilities God has blessed you with, satan will make it is his best work to turn it around and use it for his benefit.  Recognize this and safeguard your gift and allow it to become the tool God intended because with it you will crush satan’s world.


December 21, 2015