One of the prominent messages which seemed to be the focus was this:  “Lessor of the two evils”.  This was the choice the voters had in the election between Trump and Clinton.  Now, what appears most prominent in the social network is the backlash in digital as compared to the backlash in the physical which we see in the streets of urban centers.  Neither of which is good.

I have a young lady whose relationship with me have become like a father and daughter, shared her disappointment.  It was my responsibility to share encouragement and advice, to which she responded, “Well that just made me feel much better actually.“  I’ll share with you the same message.

I live in the Philippines for more than three years and could have “dual” citizenship with my having been born in the United States.  It does not mean I would be equal in both, but it does mean I could participate in both countries electoral process.  However, IF I am “truly” a Christian, and claim my citizenship is Heaven, is it possible for me to have “dual” citizenship with the world?  Can I participate in both?  Or does one “trump”, pun intended, the other?  This is my position why as a Christian I COULD NOT participate in any civil political voting because I do not want to be held responsible for whatever candidate I chose their sins WHICH they will do, no doubt!  When you state you will vote for the “lessor of the two evils”, in fact, you’ve made a selection for “evil”, therefore, I submit to you, by what you did on November 8th was not a question regarding your candidates upon earth, but upon your own candidacy for Heaven!

“Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and “election” sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall:” 2 Peter 1:10 (KJV)

How is “YOUR” election going?  If you voted November 8th, I can assure you, it is not going too well!  Other friends who live in other countries, how is your election going?  You might reside on Earth, but our candidacy should be about Heaven.  We should be the “elect” for an eternal kingdom, not a temporal one.  The question often asked is, “What would Jesus have done?”  Can either one of you see, ask and answer honestly, “Would Jesus have voted?”  “Which one would He have chosen?”.  Our “civil” duty has some value, but when it comes to “choosing” a ruler over ourselves, this is where we should draw the line.  This is where Israel, our example, should have spoken volumes for us, and you saw what happened to them, now you will see what will happen to you.

In closing, and I’ve been impressed with this thought and will need to research it out:  One VP candidate made no hidden fact of his association with the Jesuit structure of the Roman Catholic Church.  The other VP candidate made it clear regarding his religious affiliation.  His president-elect made no public announcement regarding his faith, but the VP-elect has and attention needs to be placed upon him because he will take an active role, too, in what will happen in these next to possible 16 years.

My friends, the election was not about Trump or Clinton, but to see where your election was as a Christian.  Are you an “elect” or not?  Someone who is not a Christian won’t understand this, but if your proclamation is, then you should be giving solemn thinking about what you have just done, what you are doing now, and what you are speaking to others from this point forward.


November 12, 2016