We hear often the seventh day Sabbath (Saturday) was given to the Jews and the “Christian” sabbath (Sunday) was for the New Testament church.  The question which begs to be asked and answered would be:  “Who else was around to receive God’s Commandments as a nation?”

According to Scripture, there were a whole lot of nations available during that time, so why the Jews?  There can be only one satisfactory answer:  They rejected God.  Let’s go back to the time of Abraham.  Abraham was sent from his home country, to separate himself from his father’s household.  Why?  The Scripture says, he was a believer of the true God and not the others.  So, from this one man came the Jewish nation named specifically for Judah, the son of Israel/Jacob, and well we know the story.  God had to take these people out of Egypt because of their being idolators.  So, why not any of the other nations?  We know all the Canaanites were idolators.  We know all the other Asian nations, too, were idolators, so God was left with a lone group of people who He could use whereas all the others having been exposed to truth regarding Himself, rejected Him.  And because of their heritage to Abraham, God was merely honoring him for what He would do for his children, in a promise made to him.

The same scenario is presenting itself today.  There are many who are hearing the truth for the first time regarding their worship.  Whether they know it or not or even accept it or not, but those who are worshiping on Sunday are following the traditions and customs of sun-worshippers.  God gave the command and made it perfectly clear.  Man, because of the devil, has sought to make a difference setting themselves above God by worshipping god, notice the small “g”, thinking they’re doing what is right and proper, and they’re not.

And just as God did way back then, He went and did the same thing later when He selected a group of people, a “remnant”, He refers to them in Rev. 12:17 who would be characterized as “keeping God’s Commandments”, as they were given, not changed, but as they were given by God from the very beginning.  Sadly, just as most of Christendom has refused it, similar to the nations of ancient times refused to worship God accordingly, these, too will never be ushered into the Promised Land (Heaven) because they never worshiped the true God all along.

Now, let me make this clear.  God honors people for the light they were given.  Many never heard the truth regarding Sunday, but if you’re reading this document, you will now stand accused because you can never say you did not know.  You have just been given truth and now it will be up to you to determine what you will do with it.

So, “who else” will turn from honoring God?  Will you?

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March 19, 2016