Seven Thunders.  First, Second & Third Angel’s Messages.  The Mighty Angel’s Message.  The Little Book.  The Beast.  The Little Beast.  666.  Time, Times and Dividing of Times.  1260.  42 Months.  Little Horn.  2300 Days.  1290.  1335.  490.  Seal of God.  Mark of the Beast.  Daily Sacrifices.  Sanctuary Cleansed.

These topics mentioned in the first paragraph you do not hear any kind of messages describing these events coming from the Roman Catholic Church especially since most of it is about them.  Forget about any sensible understanding from the “Church of Christ” since they’re too literal.  Others such are in the realm of Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, most Protestants haven’t a clue and believe this information is “sealed”.  And many don’t bother to read Daniel and Revelation, one a book of prophecy, the other a book revealing the prophecy.  So, who?  Who but us?

Who but us is able to explain these most important topics?  Who but us are able to put them in their proper order of events?  Too many think all they need to do is simply treat their neighbor properly and attend church on a regular basis, loving God, this will be enough and there needn’t be any concern about future events.  Most of which, by the way, I mentioned is NOT future but past, but they would not understand this.  Don’t try to explain it because the text, “Who hath an ear?” actually demonstrates those who don’t!

Who but us?

So, we have an obligation to explain these events to those who are “not” of us.  It is not difficult to discover those who are caught up in the misinformation the “Mark of the Beast” is some type of RFID chip implanted in the body.  Where “Seven Thunders” is a super bad storm about to hit upon the earth.  Where “covenants” are different between the “Old” and “New” Testaments, and not simply a blank page between a section in the Scriptures.  No, it is not too difficult to discover those who simply do not know and the many who do not want to know because they’ve become comfortable in their ignorance and to change is too uncomfortable.  The thought, “I might have to do something” is too upsetting from their current position, “I am under grace” and that’s enough.

All around us understanding is being understood by those who understand!  When many read, hear or watch the news, we’re able to see how the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together while too many can’t even recognize it is a puzzle.  They cannot see how the economy, elections, Islam, Catholicism, European Union, United States are all relative to prophecy, never mind a small, very small “remnant” called Seventh Day Adventist tasked with the responsibility of sharing “truth” to dispel the “three frogs”, or the “flood”.  Oops, there’s more terms they have no clue.

So, the question is asked, “Who but us?

The answer is obvious.  None one.

Only us.


August 31, 2016