Having heard what is going on in India, with the bio-metric gathering of person’s data for registration purposes, along with what’s going on in Oklahoma, Arizona and Pennsylvania, I believe it is, makes me wonder “where do we draw the line” when it comes to volunteering information, and what to do when it becomes lawful and mandatory to do so.

To have provided some bio-metric information because of my, ahem, criminal history, it is no secret my DNA and fingerprints is on several databases.  I found it interesting when the (US) federal government took blood, when it could simply have been a swab, my thoughts were, “Did you get enough to spread around?  So, if I weren’t in a particular place and my alibi is weak, you can establish proof of my involvement even though I might have been across the country?”  I didn’t like that one bit.

It won’t be long—now, when you will be required to provide more than just your fingerprints.  There is no telling, okay conspiracy theorist, this one’s for you, what happens when a child is born today, in a hospital.  Who knows what identifiers have been taken unbeknownst to the parent so should this child grow up to become, well, like me, it wouldn’t have mattered if they’d given up their sampling, or not, because it is already registered!  What’s privacy anymore?

A gentleman from India responded, many were fearful volunteering their participation because of the long-time association, and error, regarding belief about the infamous “666”.  I think this would be the case for some Christian groups in America.  However, those of us who well know what “666” means should not have any problem with regards to being registered, EXCEPT, for where it leads.  I’d like to think of the matter comparing with the Three Hebrew Young Men in Babylon.  The heard the law and showed up to their place of responsibility, however, when the music began to play, it was the bowing which presented the problem.  I think some well-meaning, but street-smart person, ahem, like myself would probably have pretended that sandal needed a little tightening, and since I’m down there, might as well buy my time fixing the other.  That might have kept me safe from doing the “oven walk”, the first or second time, but c’mon, I’m sure somebody would be curious eventually.

What hit me at home was, and, this is really no different than you folks who are working, but I am paid, a pension, through the banking system.  What happens when my card no longer works?  Should I have already been hiding out in some of the nice, warm, humid green country between here and Sagada?  Plenty of water and fruit trees around and it would not hurt to have some ravens dropping whatever they’re carrying, once a day.

I know I’m making light about a very serious event which is soon to come.  The point is:  It’s coming.  Where should the line be drawn?  Not bowing my knee to Sunday worship just as those young men didn’t bow their knee to the statue.  That’s the line I will NEVER cross.

June 2, 2017