Israel was told to be prepared and how to be prepared to meet with God.  There was no real confusion regarding the matter.  They were of a genealogy which knew Him.  Despite the many years in captivity, it did not take away from their understanding of what their fathers taught.  They knew about Abraham and the provided ram.  They knew about Jacob and Isaac.  They knew how they were chosen, separated from the other nations who were plagued with worshipping the false God.  How does one prepare to stand before Him, and this is the question which I’m contemplating today.

We, you and I, speak so casually about Him.  We believe we know Him.  We sing about Him.  We write about Him.  We believe we are in fellowship with Him.  We witness to others about Him.  We think we are right and others wrong.  We believe He has done miraculous things in our lives.  We believe we are in relationship with Him.  And we believe and accept all this, just like the Children of Israel, until we are told to prepare to meet Him, and when He arrives, we shudder, tremble and shake and all agree, “Send Moses”.

Newsflash:  Moses cannot stand in your place.  Not this time.

Yesterday, I was corrected by a friend for using language which was not becoming.  I appreciated this act of genuine caring, but what it demonstrated, to me, is I can allow passion, anger to infiltrate my witness.  I am guilty of sin and am a sinner, and we do know no sinner will be able to stand before Him.  Like the Children of Israel, so cocky in their belief, yet when the opportunity came, there were two quakes:  the great earthquake God’s presence is often associated, and the quaking of their hearts, because it was then they recognized no matter how prepared they thought they were, they weren’t.

Neither are we, no matter how prepared we think we are.

Ohhh, while it is a good thing to fellowship one with another, and especially those of like faith, the problem comes when we don’t truly fellowship with God.  We really don’t see ourselves as we are because we have this fictional vision of what God is.  How can we possibly know the truth in this matter except we look back on those who represented God’s people during that time?  Don’t look upon them with disdain either because they are you and me.  However, there was one who was ready to meet Him.  He had spent the last forty years of his life in preparing, and when the day came, he went forth with assuredness because the relationship was solidified.  He knew his lack, but he also knew where his strength came from, and it was not from within.

Let today be the first day of really evaluating who we are.  Many of us are not what we think we are when we allow human characteristics, oops, we are human, aren’t we?  Therefore, we WILL have characteristics which places a separation between who we are and what we should be; but, there is hope.  There is hope we will put away those parts of our character which need to change, making us change, so when God is finally revealed, and He will be, there will only be a quaking for those who weren’t prepared.


March 11, 2016