Americans take their name for granted.  Think about it:  EVERYONE in the Americas are Americans but we don’t see it that way, do we?  We don’t see those who are living in Canada as Americans, but they are!  We definitely do not see Mexicans as Americans, but what is the truth?  They are.  Central and South Americans are exactly what we in the United States are:  Americans.  The same principle applies in Christianity, too.

If you believe in the Second Coming of Christ, this makes you an “Adventist”.  You believe in the “Second Advent”, and that qualifies you as an “Adventist”.  The distinction is made by the day you worship.  So, you’re either a “Seventh Day” Adventist, which is the day God created and made for His people or you are a “First Day” Adventist, which is the day satan is deceiving people in keeping, having them to “think” they are following God and a believer.

How dare we say to anyone living in the Americas they are not American.  The same for Adventists.  How dare we say to anyone who believes in Christ and His soon return they are not Adventists.  What is also true is this fact, so many people who are living in the Americas try to get into America!  You know what I mean.  However, the mission given to God’s true church is to bring as many as possible and who are willing into the proper belief of what Adventism is all about.  Two things actually: (1) Worshiping God the way He has commanded and, (2) Our bodies are the temple of the living God and therefore we must adhere to the principles of good health.  How many of you would like to go out to the field to harvest fruit which is rotten, deformed or diseased?  God is not looking to come back to find His people in the same manner.  It is why Christ spent a good amount of time taking back from satan’s claim His own people who found themselves outside the principles of God.

So, now you know the truth.  You can become the “Adventist” you can truly be, or, you can claim otherwise and find out too late, you really wasn’t one, a believer, at all!

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May 14, 2016