It’s late, I want to go to bed; however, a gentleman raised a question on a post I’ve been commenting regarding the issue of women’s ordination, and he asked a question I’d not really given much thought regarding the outcome, but he did ask a legitimate question, “What will you do if the GC votes for it?”  My rapid answer would be, “I don’t think such would occur”, but what if it did!  What would I do?  What would be my response?  Hence, now why I cannot go to bed until I get this out of my system and perhaps help others who may be asking themselves this very question.

I think people who have gone through my early childhood experience would fare rather well.  I’m speaking with regards to going through divorce, as a child, watching the dynamics between parents.  What is seen are those who are set, by God, as our head, our leaders, and the role of parent.  This is no different than those entrusted with leading God’s children.  Perhaps this even explains why to date whenever we refer to the Israelites we call them, the “Children” of Israel.  Well, what about the “Children” of Seventh Day Adventists?  What happens to the children should the parents go through a rough patch in resolving their issue which, in due time, does affect the children?

I think the answer is quite simple, actually.  As that boy at eight years old being caught in the middle of two disagreeable adults, the child remembers what he was taught.  He remembers how to practice the truths he’s learned from the beginning.  This does not change.  He learns to be respectful to those in leadership capacity because they’ve got a lot more riding on them, than the child!  While the parents seem to be confused, angry, combatant, the child demonstrates patience, love and not become judgmental.  The child reasons God is still in control, even those who He has placed over us.  We learn by watching what transpires because at some point in our own lives we may be called to go through similar experiences and whatever is considered negative can be positive in helping us to thrive.

What will I do?  Exactly what I’ve been doing.  I still keep the Commandments.  I still fellowship with like believers.  I still witness to those who are not within the body.  I continue to pray for my leaders and Church as a whole.  I pray for those who are caught in the fringe that they won’t be shaken out during this “shaking”, and everyone’s faith becomes stronger because it is not really an issue between men and women, or even women’s ordination, but the enemy attempting to baffle, confuse and break up God’s children and cause them to become frustrated, angry and resentful, all characteristics we were taught as children not to demonstrate.

What will I do?  The same as I’ve done yesterday.  What I did today, and should the Lord allow me one more day, what I will do tomorrow.  I don’t give up!


June 11, 2015


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