We learn from the study of Abraham despite where he lived, no matter how close he was to his family, God called him to leave all of it behind because he desired, and lived, closer to God than any man in his family.  While his family sought to keep up with the multitude of gods and traditions as part of their culture, Abraham sought and found the true God and the only way this true God could protect him was to send him away from everything else he came to know as dear.  The Bible says of Abraham:

“Because that Abraham obeyed My voice, and kept My charge, My Commandments, My statutes, and My laws.” Gen 26:5 (KJV)

If there is/was any doubt if Abraham kept the Sabbath, that verse should clear it up.  God had only ten (10) Commandments, set apart from “statutes” and “laws” given, and if the Bible says, and I have to believe it, God said, “Abraham obeyed His voice, and the manner in which he did, then can there be any doubt Abraham did it, raised his son(s) to do it and his son’s son’s did it until we come to the Egypt story?  And this is where the point I wish to stress is founded.

“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” Prov 14:12 (KJV)

For many generations, the Children of Israel, or rightly described, the “Children of Abraham” were kept in their country as slaves.  We all know the story.  We also know the story of the slaves in America, how they were taught the living and religion of their masters.  It would be forbidden to be taught or associate intimately with them for fear they would be considered equal and one cannot have those in subjection the ideology they are the same in any way. Laws would be created in lieu of punishment if practices which countered the host’s beliefs were found to be practiced.  Therefore, Israel lost, over time, the knowledge, lifestyle and worship of the only true God, which their father, Abraham, was known for and commended, by God, to have completed.

When coming out of Egypt, God through Moses, reestablished the belief of Abraham by teaching his progeny those “Commandments”, “statutes” and “laws” and they became Sabbath-keepers—again, worshiping the only true God.  Many are under the understanding, which is an error, that God began these “laws” or “Laws”, because there is a difference with the first letter, with the Children of Israel “during” their “Wilderness” experience.  But is it not true, God brought Abraham into a wilderness because he already kept these and it was for his protection?  Yet, people are quick to say these laws, statues and Ten Commandments were for the Jews yet do not account Abraham as being a Jew!  How did Abraham know what to do had it not been given him by another?  Could not these same “laws”, “statutes” and “Commandments” been given at another time?  Would God have needed “laws” and “statutes” had there not been any broken “Commandments”?  The “Commandments” were given when the world existed in a state of perfection and because our first parents, Adam and Eve, broke the Commandment(s) of God, “Thou shalt have no other god before Me”, choosing to listen to another, and, “Thou shalt not covet…” by desiring what they did not possess and told them by another, therefore “statutes” and “laws” such as regarding sacrifice would be necessary to point them forward to a time when Christ would fulfill those “statutes” and “laws”, placing the Ten Commandments back to its place as before sin entered into the world because man would have been polluted in their thinking since having been “slaves” to sin for many, many years!

Fast-forward to our time.


“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” Prov 14:12 (KJV)

The Israelites had to be taught how to worship, live and even eat according to God’s plan for His creation.  Too many denominations, cults and sects, and so-called non-denominations worship incorrectly, live incorrectly and eat incorrectly.  They are so confused because having lived in slavery for so long they “think” they are able to worship, live and eat as they please and will be saved despite what they do because they’re under the belief there are no longer any Ten Commandments guiding their life, never mind “statutes” and “laws”.  They are under the mistaken belief something called “grace” takes over and will prevent them from being lost because of something else called “love” is predominant and as long as you have it, you’re good, safe and ready to go!  Seems right, doesn’t it.  But in the text quoted before this paragraph, what is the “end” result?  DEATH!!!

If Israel had to get back to knowing and following the Ten Commandments, that which was given BEFORE sin entered into the world, don’t you think it would be beneficial for you to do the same?  In fact, how would you know what sin was WITHOUT the Ten Commandments?  It would be impossible for you to do so. Another “in fact” would be, How would you even know how to love, and prove you love God if you don’t keep the Ten Commandments, when the Bible specifically states,

“And hereby we do know that we know Him, if we keep His Commandments.” 1 John 2:3 (KJV)

Or, could it be you are and have been in “Egypt” so long and prefer to remain where you are, where your parents had been and their parents before, and what you believe today—listen to me, “SEEM” to be right?

I can tell you this without holding back a very profound and absolute truth:  “If you are not keeping the Ten Commandments, you CANNOT be saved.  No one living in Egypt will have known the Truth, and, my friends, it is THIS truth which will totally set you free.  The Bible said that, too!


August 11, 2016