A brother responded to one of my post regarding “Present Truth”:  “You see brother you have a point but can you please state here what is the present truth so you may help those who might not be knowing.” This request is a valid one and since I read his comment, the thought has been rolling around in my mind, until now, so time to present “present” truth, and what it means.

Adam and Eve were told what they were to do and how they were to live once placed in the Garden of Eden.  We all know the story.  Something happened which changed circumstances of their lives.  They were THEN given information, “present truth” which would help them to comply with God’s direction, which never changed from the original purpose, “eternal life”, but a new plan was instituted which would get them there.

Later, the time between the Old and New Testament, “truth” met with changes.  The current priesthood took the truth and to it applied many other requirements.  Some were helpful and good while the majority was error and man’s idea of what truth should be and how to achieve it.  Jesus came and corrected what it was, bringing it back to the purity if once had.

The Reformation was a way of bringing “Present Truth” to the masses who were swallowed by the false teachings from the false church of Roman Catholicism.  The problem since then was while they came out of the false system, they received “present truth” for their time and stopped!  They wanted to believe they had enough and as such they refused to go forward in receiving additional light, or “present truth” which would continue to take them to where God would have them to go.  Go?  Yes, to the original purpose, in attaining eternal life.  You see, “present truth” has only one objective.  To get you to the point where obtaining eternal life becomes the “only” objective.

From the Reformation and from those who refused to go further, Seventh Day Adventism rose to bring further light to the masses.  They would be given information, from God, which extended God’s plan for God’s people.  Such information such as the Sabbath, Health Message, Dress Reform became the key focus of their ministry.  Many rejected this “present truth” because they were comfortable with the “former truth” and did not want to progress, nor felt they needed to do so.  “Former Truth” is good and served its purpose, but it pales in comparison to “Present Truth” because it is progressive and takes people forward.  Therefore, if it IS progressive and takes people forward, what happens to those who remain in the “Former Truth”?  They become lost in obtaining the primary objective—salvation.

Today, “Present Truth” is becoming widely spread and many in the fold of Adventism are too comfortable in their former beliefs not wanting to progress with this progressive message.  What Mrs. White wrote was wonderful but it does not stop there.  What Uriah Smith wrote was wonderful, but it continues to reveal truth.  While what they saw and wrote in their works, a figment of what we are going through today, it is now left to men and women of the “present”, to receive “present truth” and “present” it to those who are to listen, so their faith is up-to-date, and they’re able to give a message they only can “present” to a world, and church, which is being left behind.

As I only began my journey, about two years ago, with this “present truth” movement, I became overwhelmed recently and the thought entered into my mind, “There is so much to learn!  How can I get all of it?”  I know the answer—now.  It comes by beginning.  Many refuse to begin and therefore will never gain.  “Present Truth” helps you to see what is going on from a political point of view.  While many are pondering what is happening to their country because of an election, those who are in the “know” because they understand “Present Truth” are able to see the bigger picture and prepare themselves for what, not “will”, but “is” taking place because they cannot be caught off-guard.  You must understand, those who are in “Present Truth” plan and prepare while those outside “Present Truth” can only react, and this is a deadly position to be.  Think of it this way:  Noah was given a plan, “Present Truth”, and he planned and did what was required and was saved.  Those who refused to go further than what they already knew, reacted when it, the tribulation began, but it was too late!  Reaction to “present truth” because of “former truth” will get you lost!

When “watchmen” those who know “present truth” see the news, they see it differently than those who “think” they are watchmen for the “former truth”.  God’s Holy Spirit speaks in ways only those in “Present Truth” will understand.  This is why when God’s Spirit is withdrawn from the earth, and He will, those who have understood the “Present Truth” will be able to fully grasp what is taking place.  These are the ones who will hear the thunder, additional “Present Truth” and will be able to fully understand God is speaking, just as those who surrounded Paul heard something but they did not hear the message Paul was receiving, because Paul was getting his “Present Truth” message.

How does one begin this journey of receiving “Present Truth”?  It comes from the acknowledgment what you have is good but not good enough.  It comes from accepting God is continuing to shed light so you must go to the Shedder of this light and ask Him to guide you into “further” truth, the “present truth”.  It begins by opening your mind to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in enlightening you to know your “former truth” experience and then build upon it with “present” information.  In short, as I’m reading my devotion, this morning, I am reading where she, Mrs. White, was speaking regarding a “Christmas” program in 1888.  You see, she hadn’t received “present truth” regarding it which would come later than her time.  Those who are truly in “present truth” know the “truth” regarding pagan holidays such as Christmas.  Those who refute those who don’t observe it are still in the “former truth” experience and not in the “present truth” for today.  This is one point.

Those who are too focused on what President Trump is doing, or not, cannot see how he is doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing, to bring about the National Sunday Law, because they’re too focused on his Cabinet and what Sessions or others have done and what others will do, and not see how they’re all doing to bring about a change in the Constitution.  The U.S. Constitution will be the key to watch, and those with “Present Truth” know this.  They are being prepared for its change while others can only react and it will be too late.

There are plenty of “Present Truth” ministries about to help you and guide you to furthering your knowledge about end-time events.  Sadly, most pastoring is from “former truth” because they simply don’t know it, won’t acknowledge they don’t know it, therefore their congregations continues to receive “former truth” which won’t help them for the “present” time because in order to get through these “present times” one must have “present truth”.  I will recommend two starting points for those who are serious about obtaining “present truth”.  You should listen to the ministry of Pastor Andrew Henriques.  Another would be Brother Jeff Pippenger.  These two should be a part of your NOW learning experience so you won’t fall because you failed to keep up!