We are familiar with the text where Christ stated He had to go and “prepare for us a place”.  And we are told there is a mansion with plenty of room.  However, and let’s look at this logically, if you were to begin preparing, say, for me and my family, would be the question you would ask:  “How many are coming?”  Doesn’t it make sense to know what you need to prepare?  This same applies for Christ.  Christ is not preparing a place for us when He does not know how many places needed for us.  So, something takes place which gives Him understanding of the number necessary.  Now, I don’t mean to make this simplistic.  Christ is God and full well knows, but we have to look at it on our terms which helps our understanding, and this helps our walk.   Christ also completed this entire planet in six days, so I’m sure it is not taking all this time when He merely “speaks” things into existence.

I’m not also thinking to explain in a few paragraphs which takes volumes and volumes of books to illustrate, but I will give you an idea and it is then left up to you to “investigate” the matter and this is the key word:  “investigate” because this is what Christ is doing, right now, on our behalf.  And it is this “investigation” which determine whether or not you and I will be doing any moving in the near future, and I don’t mean with a U-Haul or Mayflower Moving van.

Anyone who has even been associated with the justice system, and I can only speak for myself and the system in the United States, where there is an “investigation” for every case brought to trial.  It is normally called, “discovery”, where all the evidence and facts are brought together to make a determination if an offense allegedly to occur has occurred.  The same ideology comes from the judicial system God set up which has been divided into two components:  (Old) and (New) Covenant.  Both are exact in but performed at two different times.  In the Old Covenant, there was a day called, “Atonement” when every man, woman and child came before God by the High Priest.  Each individual was then investigated for sins committed and cleared.  At the end of this day when the High Priest left from the Most Holy Place, did the people breathe easier because they recognized they were accepted by God because their sin were forgiven.  The same applies in the New Covenant.

Christ died but that did not end the Atonement process.  That only began it.  Looking at the diagram attached to this post, in 1844, according to Scripture, the investigation began when Christ went into the Most Holy Place and began His work bringing up our names and comparing them to the record of sin and determining if they are forgiven and blotted out by the blood of Christ, just as those who lived in the Old Covenant sins were blotted out by the slain lamb.  We are now awaiting Him to leave that position as our Mediator before His Father, and when He comes out, many of us will breathe easier, while many will not.  It is then when our cases have been decided.

THIS is the period we are in now and it won’t go on much longer.  Christ is soon to finish with His work and the next step will be in coming and bringing those who have been cleared to their new home located in Heaven.  In the earthly investigation, each alleged offender has an opportunity to assist in their case to provide information which shows whether he was innocent or not, remorseful or not if guilty before sentencing.  There is no difference today.  You and I are to know the “Law” to which we are judged against, which is found in that very Sanctuary in the Old Covenant also located the original in the New Covenant, called the Ten Commandments.  We are to do our work in reconciling our lives with those Precepts so whatever sins we might have committed are few.

Now, you have a better understanding of what Christ is doing and what is taking Him so long in getting here.  He is waiting for you and I to get our lives in order, our sins forgiven so when He returns, none of us will be lost in receiving the key to our new home.

August 5, 2017