…a great movement of God, in your life, would it have an effect on you?

There are certain facts, in history, which stand out as being unequaled, amazing and convincing proof of God and what He does for the salvation of man.  Events which not be done by second proofs, but nonetheless still echoes in our mind as enough, not needing more.  We look back and wonder about those with Moses, with Lot, with Joshua, with David, with Solomon, with Elijah and Elisha, with Daniel, with Christ.  The apparent question now is, can it be said, the same, “with” you?

In my life, I know what it is to have an event which becomes the turning point in my life, and there is no going back upon ground which led to that one moment.  In 1987, I asked God to “prove Himself”, to me, and He did not fail to honor this request.  Prior to this time, I had a “head” knowledge, but after His “going through water experience” given me, now I have an “experiential” knowledge, and I cannot be moved.  And like the Children of Israel, who saw proofs of His involvement in their lives for forty years, mine does not quite equal theirs in terms of years, but I’m on my way as long as I continue to have breath in this body.

I think if we really examine ourselves we would find God doing something in our life there can be no doubt it was Him.  Something so amazing, so convincing and, well, so “God”, there can be no doubt no matter what those around us may say.  Some say God does not talk to us today like He did in the past, but ohhh yessss, He does!  Some say God does not heal like He has done in the past, but those who have had need of healing will tell you you are wrong because it happened to them.  Each one either has or will have that one experience, if not more, which will be all it takes in order to be proof enough God is real and involved in every facet of our lives, but even as the Israelites would get further down the path, forgetfulness, selfishness and just plain ignorance would put them back at square one, and so they died—miserably.

What about you?  Has God already done a “Gideon Experience” but you’re asking for a second test?  Have you been spared from the jaws of bill collectors, only to go back in deeper debt?  Have you experienced the fires of devastated health problems to live again precariously?

What if you saw something already which was the only thing you would see and you know it was enough, but you still persist in whatever it is which God saw you needed to see what you have seen, but you rejected what you experienced?  I know.  It may seem as a jumble of words, but it makes sense.  You see, often what we see doesn’t make sense, but the end result does.  So, if God has already shown you what equals other’s experience, stop looking for more.  Go forward in your walk and be a testament of how He saved you and be the experience others will recount for their own lives.  You just might be that “going through the water” experience for someone who cannot see as far back as the Children of Israel, but looking at you!


March 9, 2016