While we are seeing evidence of much unrest within the kingdom of men—yet, despite the apparent signs of peace, e.g., between the United States and North Korea, the very ground upon which we all stand is showing evidence of disturbance bringing calamities which before having never been seen in this generation.  How many of you can account for even seeing an active volcano?  Okay, how about two at the same time?

As the month of June begin many are fearful what it will mean to their home, family, and employment.  I heard on the news as many as 11,000 homes are without electricity on the island of Puerto Rico and that matter began eight months ago!  What would happen with such a tender infrastructure should another F5, or even a F4 hurricane should sweep over it?  Already, we had signs of an active season with the tropical storm within the Gulf of Mexico.  This is the Atlantic and what about the Pacific?  How many in the country I choose to call “home” are concerned about the increasing typhoons of major strength categories and how we’ll manage to get through?

The Bible addresses these concerns as we are nearing the end of time.  We are already in the “time of the end” but the “end of time” is even more chaotic and sobering.  God is giving time to those who are witnessing these active events to make choices.  Sadly and tragically, those who are in Hawaii and Guatemala are unable to make choices because their lives having been snuffed out.  With homosexuality on the rise.  With crime on the rise.  With government corruption on the rise.  With personal issues and you only know what they are, on the rise, we’re given this time these evidences to get our lives in order, to make the choice what we will do, who we will believe and serve before our own lives are snuffed out by some great and unforeseen calamity.

What does this all mean?

It means we are closer to the time many believe, and hope, is much further away.  Too many of us are still wanting to either live out the remaining part of our lives, in peace.  Too many of us are wanting that promotion, new house and car, to begin families, and hope what we have heard from the multitudinous pulpits isn’t true—yet.  “Let it come” we might think, but do so after I am gone, is the apparent cry.  The Bible warns those who lived during Noah’s time the storm came upon them suddenly and then it was too late.

We are being given warnings.  How can what is coming take any one of us unaware because we are aware of what is happening via social media, cable, print and word of mouth.  What will it take to awaken us from the sleep of contentment and “don’t bother me” attitude?  When the lava is rolling behind your house or you are covered with mud and dust of volcanic ash, is not the time.  When the roof of your house has just been blown away and the torrential rains are beating upon those things which you cherish, what about your life?  When you are creeping out of the bed of that man if you are another man, or woman in the early hours of the morning to resume your apparent good life of a Christian, this is not the time!

What does this all mean?

It means we need to be making choices about who we will serve and allow Him to do what is necessary in our lives to either spare us from these evils or allow our eyes to close in peace, for when they awaken when all this is done, will it be for an eternity of peace or devastation?

What does this all mean?

June 6, 2018