Many of your will remember the story of Dorothy in the classic, “Wizard of Oz”, when after the tornado lifted her home and placed it in an unfamiliar place, she remarked to Toto, her dog, “I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore.”  The same could be said about the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  I am sooo glad I came along the time I did.  Where solid messages were spoken.  Where good solid Sabbath School classes were held and solidified a firm and grounded foundation.  But, this is not the case anymore.

Many of you prepare on Sabbath morning to visit your places of worship and have no idea of what you are being fed both in Sabbath School or the Sacred Desk.  Many of you do not study during the week and if you are it is probably your Sabbath School Quarterly and that is it!  When was the last time you picked up a Spirit of Prophecy book and read it?  How many of you have even read the major volumes of our faith:  The Great Controversy, Desire of Ages, Patriarchs & Prophets, Prophets & Kings and Acts of the Apostles?  How many of you have bothered to read Uriah Smith’s, “Daniel and Revelation”?  Anyone?  Or, do you sit there in your chair, or pew, if you’re fortunate to have them, like baby birds with opened mouths waiting for Momma bird to drop any ol’ worm available?

Are you aware of the influences which are attacking the church or do you sit there unknowing whatever is being presented to you, and walk away thinking you’re okay and in the right place?  I get all kinds of questions and that is fine, but I try to lead people to read for themselves, or provide the material if they’re not able to get it on their own, or at least provide guidance.  But I really don’t attempt to provide answers because that’s something people need to come into their own.

There are so many ideologies about and I wonder, do you wonder what it is you’re hearing or being exposed?  Spiritual Formation.  Emerging Church.  2520.  Self-Supporting SDA.  SDA Reformed Movement.  GC Support Church.  Layman’s Movement.  Davidian.  Present Truth SDA. Shepherd’s Rod.  Problems within our own education system.  NAD acting crazy!  So many things attacking the Seventh Day Adventist Movement and it makes me wonder if you are aware of any of this.  Each one of the above categories mentioned have truth but are you able to discern what is the error?  Because if you are unable to know what it is you’re being exposed, then how is your foundation being laid?

No one knows if the concrete was mixed properly and if the rods of steel were placed and tied correctly in the foundation of a building until a shaking occurs.  Even when it is done properly there could be damage but at least the building will stand no matter the intensity of the forces against it.  The worst time to find out if the foundation and structure is solid is when the shaking begins and this is what is happening now in our churches with so many doctrines and theories which are being flooded by men, and women, who are not firm themselves and yet they stand before many and share their weaknesses!

So, now you know why I make the statement, “We’re not Adventists Anymore”.  If those who were before us could raise up and visit our churches today I wonder what some of their comments would be?  Would they see progression or digression from the very thing they wanted to leave behind?  Would they be shaking their heads at the “Praise and Worship” service and instruments?  Or, would they wonder at the pastor jumping up and down, yelling and screaming and not having said anything worthwhile.  One of those “late Friday evening sermon prep jobs”!  If there were a potluck afterward, could they eat?  Would they eat?  Or would they rather have chosen a fast for the day because they had given up the stuff which now graces our table and we attempt to offer “grace” at what should not be.

Yes, I’m thankful for the time in which I came along.  Makes me wonder what those coming along now will be saying when they’re my age!

April 18, 2017