When I came online to Facebook about three years ago, and I joined a particular group, and there was a comment made by a disgruntled person making his way out from the group, who said, “I cannot handle the backbiting, infighting and disagreements within the same body of believers.  I’m out!”  I didn’t understand his experience, but I can make the claim today.  I fully understand what he meant and have often wondered myself why is it even in God’s “remnant” church we are so disagreeable?  Why is there so much bitterness?  Why is it we seem not to agree in anything from Scripture to the Spirit of Prophecy and yet we claim to be “one” in the Spirit, one in love and one in serving the same Lord?  Why?

I think there is an answer and I believe it is a positive one if we will just consider for a moment this profound truth:  “My faith, membership in the church, love for Christ and being a Christian is not determined by your perception.”  The other truth I wish to pass along is this: “It is the Holy Spirit guiding, not you or I.”  There is absolutely no way you and I can possibly agree because we’re not the same, nor walking the same, although we can agree we are on a journey which leads to one particular place—Heaven.

When I examine all the material I’ve read regarding ancient Israel and the twelve tribes and their disagreements, they remained the Israel of God.  When I look at the twelve Disciples and read their disagreements, their various characteristics, despite one, they remained the Disciples of Christ, and there remained disagreements and debates within themselves and as the church grew and grows today there will continue to be differences of views which are expressed as opinions because of the different experiences you and I have; however, and this is important, guided by the SAME Holy Spirit.  However, and I believe this, there needs to be and will come a time when there will be an “Upper Room” experience and we need to wait patiently for this to occur.

In the Upper Room, people where there for the express command of Christ to simply “wait”.  And they did.  During that time, those who were there hiding from their common enemies associated with those who were there who would be instrumental in directing the populace even to this day of present truth.  So, for whatever reason why they were there, they remained there until something happened internally, expressed itself externally and had given them power to come out of that room and began a movement which would change the world.  As trouble brought them in—together, there is a “time of trouble” which will bring us through—together, and we need to keep this in mind.  While we may not agree on what every text of Scripture says, we’re not using the same brain.  And even within our ownselves there are conflicts of belief.  Let’s be honest with ourselves even if we are not able to be with others around us.  We may not agree on Spirit of Prophecy writings, it remains the same Spirit which caused them to be written in the first place, who is still working on us presently and will guide us through the storms of tomorrow.

So, when we allow our egos, pride, personalities and characteristics to get in the way, we need to readily come to an agreement we love God.  We need to readily come to an agreement the Ten Commandments were given as our guide, and even in keeping the Sabbath day, we may not agree, but it doesn’t mean it is not kept properly as long as my focus remain on Roy believing where I am falling short, God is working me just as He is working with you.  I may not see or understand what you’re going through, but we are to “go through”—period.  I believe we each have something to contribute to the overall movement so we must glean what we can from each other and leave our differences within ourselves to be resolved at another time and this may be perhaps in ourselves and not those with whom we have these differences.

When Christ comes, He will not say, “Well done, Roy, according to John, or Ellen or add your own name.”  He will simply state, “My servant.  Now, enter into the reward prepared for you.”

This is what I wish to have agreement upon—with Christ first, then you secondly.


November 20, 2016