There is this pervading belief “love” conquers all.  And based upon some people’s comments, “love” has truly conquered “common-sense”!  How many of you have been exposed to this fallacy where proper “judgment” is considered an offense because God commanded us to love everybody?  However, nowhere do I read in the Scriptures I am to “love” what they do!  That I am to “stand-by” without offering corrective words expressed in “love”.  In truth, we have lovingly lost our minds!

Think about it because I believe most of you can relate to this.  You are that teenage boy or girl who have connected with your life’s love.  Yeah, right!  You know where I’m going with this.  How many of you forwent comment-sense and snuck to use the phone hoping your parents or siblings wouldn’t hear your conversation?  How many of you planned rendezvous which violated all rules of sensibility and direction given by your parents?  How many of you graduated high school, with some innocent little bundle calling you, “mom” or “dad”, which boggled the minds of all your loved ones because you were the “child of promise”?  That was not “love” but a guise of it called “infatuation”, and many of us are living in the world of infatuation because of this errant view of what “love” really is.

The Universalist church teaches this concept:  “is the doctrine that all sinful and alienated human souls — because of divine love and mercy — will ultimately be reconciled to God.”  While it is true, at the end, ALL shall bow and acknowledge God, the majority, however, will be destroyed soon afterward.  I love this quotation I came across this morning which seems to sum it up accurately:

“I have seen the results of these fanciful views of God, in apostasy, spiritualism, and free-lovism. The free love tendency of these teachings was so concealed that at first it was difficult to make plain its real character. Until the Lord presented it to me, I knew not what to call it, but I was instructed to call it unholy spiritual love.” –Testimonies to the Church, Volume 8, page 292

A friend posted the recent incident of a gorilla having access to a three year old child which resulted in the honored and loved animal being destroyed, at the cost of parents being neglectful.  I posted a comment in defense of the gorilla, chastising the parents and soon after some “love-sick” individual posted we should not “judge”!  Then another posted their, rather, boasted of their own case of being neglectful because of their own having gotten away from them.  Friends, I’m so thankful none of us get away from God because of His being neglectful!  At the end of that day, the child should have been spanked and the parents soon after.  And had all of this taken place BEFORE there might not have been an incident LATER where a beautiful and admired creature, just as we are, would have to eat a bullet to protect the willfulness and stupidity of grown people.  Yeah, I said it and go find the “love” in that statement!

This free “lovism” which this author so coined is taking us along a road to destruction.  It is when we are no longer able to distinguish the sacred from the secular.  When we erase the line of demarcation, and there should be one, then there is no need for those who a living in the secular realm to desire to be in the sacred.  If you coddle an addict and tell him loving and soothing statements, they’ll continue to exist in their addiction.  I’m so thankful the love, the sensible love of my family and friends was simply this:  “Get away until you have gotten away from your mess!”  It made it simple to see the line drawn in the sand and I had crossed to the wrong side, and if I desired to get back into the favor of them, I was the one who needed to do something and not be the contaminating force which might have drawn others into a dangerous situation.

The same applies to religion, too.  There are and should be limits to what we do and we should know them for ourselves and when we come across someone who is doing something wrong, in love, we need to point it out and not be shy, bashful and just plain stupid and perhaps frankness is better called for.

I love it when I get these people who say because of my frankness, “Bro. Roy, I cannot see you being a true Adventist.”  Well, let me say this, I’m SO thankful my being a “true” Adventist, or not, is not determined by your opinion.  And as long as I have the opportunity and ability to repent, let’s conclude this post with this thought, I will be using up mine!


June 2, 2016