Avoid the curiosity to try and find your particular denomination because it is likely you won’t see it, but I do hope you will see the point I need to share with you, of which I was recently reminded.  No matter how we look upon the Children of Israel, or Israelites, better known as “Jews”, the point of the matter is we are from them and not the other way around.

Christians have this affinity of thinking we “replaced” Judaism, or Judaism is a failed religious economy and neither of these ideologies are correct.  While we may not necessary be “literal” Jews, we are “spiritual” Jews, according to Paul’s writings.  While it is true many of the associated “Old Covenant” beliefs are no longer practiced, does not make them irrelevant today.  For one, and this is profound truth, one could not even began to understand the fullness of the Gospel without having a good understanding of Old Testament Bible for the basis, its very foundation is found before the book of Matthew, not after.

We, you and I, Christians were grafted into the trunk of Judaism from which we draw our nourishment and not we who feed upon a second source or anything having come from our own beliefs.  So when you wish to dismiss and get rid of Jewish beliefs, you’ve destroyed your own for you now have floors without a foundation.  Christ did not choose the Jews because they were so good or the only people alive, but they were chosen because all the other nations forgot and forsake God.  They wanted nothing better than to follow their own ideas, concepts and beliefs and paganism, heathenism and anti-God cannot be a part of the experience of worshiping the true and only God of existence.

So, it is amazing, to me, how many of us want to revert back to paganism, heathenism and anti-God practices and believe we will be fine and God will accept our offering.  We are sadly mistaken.  While I may not hold any particular fondness for today’s idea of Judaism, or the reformed view held by many today, I have to admit, I do go back to the original writings, the old ways in order to understand my place in Christianity.  I keep reminding myself what I have today, this gift of Christianity, because it is a gift, and I cannot forget I have been engrafted into the tree of Judaism and owe my allegiance, understanding and life to Christ for bringing me into the fold, not leaving me in the field of other trees which will burn no matter how beautiful they might seem today.

So, it is time to put away anti-Jewish rhetoric and beliefs because the faith God is calling us to have its roots in Judaism and the One we are supposed to love and show our allegiance just happens to be a Jew!


January 16, 2016