This morning I came across this paragraph,

“At that time [after the 1844 disappointment] one error after another pressed in upon us; ministers and doctors brought in new doctrines. We would search the Scriptures with much prayer, and the Holy Spirit would bring the truth to our minds. Sometimes whole nights would be devoted to searching the Scriptures and earnestly asking God for guidance. Companies of devoted men and women assembled for this purpose. The power of God would come upon me, and I was enabled clearly to define what is truth and what is error.”

Have you ever wondered why certain Bible beliefs such as the Seventh day Sabbath, the Trinity, what constitutes the “Spirit of Prophecy”, end-time events is readily understood, by you, whereas you have friends, work associates and family who are not able to grasp what you consider so easily understood?  I know I do. And it seems no matter how eloquently you articulate these important Truths, yet these individuals, as wonderful and well-meaning as they might be, are not able to accept what you so easily do.  The only answer I’m able to come up with is simply this, “We are blessed”.

I tried to determine if it had anything to do with having been born into this family of believers or was it early church initiation?  Was the mold already set by the time I arrived and it only needed filling in by the role models Christ would set before me in my formative years to where now I cannot be fooled or consider false beliefs which others seem to cherish?  When I consider the aforementioned paragraph how the pioneers of our wonderful faith went through various turmoil and conflicts to have come forth presenting what we have today, it makes me see them with respect for having prevailed against the enemy of our souls.  He wants nothing more than to destroy us but God has shown Himself more than capable of bringing us through.  It is in this I realized, “I am a blessed man!”

Even during my rebellious youth, not so much in age as much as in understanding, no matter how hard I tried to refute what I learned sounded silly in my own ears because those instrumental in guiding me sat back knowing they’d done their work and it would only be a matter of time before I would come back (train up a child…) or depart from the faith altogether (being a reprobate).  It didn’t matter—then, what I was exposed to because what was given me, Truth, would stand.  It would be me who would have to make the decision whether or not I would stand with it or against myself, because there is a fallacy of belief one can even have a chance to stand against Truth.  Ask satan how’s that working out for him!  The conflict of what the pioneers went through is similar to the conflict we go through daily in seeing those friends, loved ones and work associates preparing themselves to perish because of errant beliefs and this should demonstrate how truly, “we are blessed” because we do not waver, not anymore, but grounded especially as we begin to see the drop-off of those who’ve chosen to be shaken from what they’ve been taught, now believing the lie.

I, no, we’ve been blessed to not only have had the parenting, guiding by the Holy Spirit who took favor on us and like Daniel waiting to understand understood what we need to understand so we’re not lost in the great conflagration ahead.

We are Blessed!


February 22, 2015


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