In my youth I’ve often heard pastors preach about this “cup” being filled, with sin, which would then cause God’s wrath to fall upon the holder of that cup.  I never wanted my cup to be full!  I can remember while in my addiction to drugs, my prayer often was even while knowing what I was attempting to do was wrong, still I had enough sense to pray, “Lord, I pray my cup won’t be full.”  In a way, two dynamics were taking place:  (1) Acknowledging to God for His mercy should my cup be full, and (2) If it were not filled, I still had time, opportunity and the “license” to go ahead with my filthy endeavor, as long as I had an opportunity to repent, later on!  The games we play with ourselves all in the name of sin.  And I wasn’t a child either, but a grown, middle-aged man!

Come on my fellow-peers who grew up with me in Glenville, a church strict and strait and tell me if you didn’t undergo certain fears!  I had several.  I thought if I should touch the pulpit area without having permission, lightening would strike me dead like Uzzah.  I also looked for that lightening when I walked out of my first movie theater experience.  I was about eleven years old!  And this was complicated by the fact I was invited to a friend’s home and hearing my mother make it clearly understood, “Don’t serve him pork.”  I think I had my first “beef” hotdog, so I was under a dummy whammy and just knew I would be charcoal!  Yes, I grew up with the understanding God can level some serious blow to offenders of His Word.

Going back to this cup, I’ve often wondered, just how full mine was.  How much room did I have left?  I never wanted to get it to the point where I could not add anything more, at least not without knowing because nobody wants it to be to the point where it “runneth over” because that would be disastrous! And we’re not talking about a cup of anointing oil, either.

In a couple of hours I will have my morning’s cup of green tea.  I know how much sugar, tea and water to add before it gets to the point of reaching the brim, but I’m still careful.  I don’t want it to run over either.

What’s going on with your cup?


June 4, 2015


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