For a reason the Lord directed me to Revelation 11, this morning, and the question which needs to be asked is this:  “Was the Ark of the Testament (Covenant) empty?”

“And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in His temple the Ark of His testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.” Rev 11:19 (KJV)

And, who are these “Two Witnesses”?

If you peruse the Internet you will come across a whole gamut of what this most important chapter of Scripture is saying.  You will find those who have no knowledge of prophetic Scripture trying to convince others these two witnesses were men having been resurrected, or in the case of Moses, having come down from heaven and walked among men—again!  Neither of which has any truth.

What was in the Ark of the Testament, which John saw in vision?  What did the Ark of the Testament contain when we read about its being constructed, by Moses, from the pattern shown him, by God, which was a replicate of what is housed in the “Temple of God”?  Simply this:  The Ten Commandments.

So answer me this:  “If the Ten Commandments are no longer credible, valid and we’re not to follow them, why did John see them, in their present state, in Heaven, some more than 60 years after Christ died and was resurrected?

No man having ever been born has lived more than 969 years, on this planet.  So, these two witnesses could not have been human having been here 1,260 years, or 42 months, or times, time and a dividing of time.  The Bible stated they would “prophesy” but it would be contained under sackcloth.  We know the Scriptures are light but during this significant period of time, the so-called, “Dark Ages” or “Middle Ages”, they were persecuted, held away from the common people, for which they were written.  The “Two Witnesses” are simply the “Old and New Testament”, and by the way, it could not have been such rubbish as the New International Version (NIV) or other watered-down versions which satan has sought to replace with his own two witnesses.

Notice, too, these “Two Witnesses” stood together.  One was not stronger than the other, nor overshadowed by the other, but they stood equal in their testimony before men, but men hated them—still do, and seek to diminish their power and blessing they would give to the world.  Even today you have people who seek to do exactly this by couching the Scriptures and dividing them, having the Two Witnesses actually fight against each other by their interpretation of “Covenants” and “Dispensations” and other such incorrectly understood understanding.

These Two Witnesses revealed, to John, their message, their contents remained the same for when John saw the Ark of the Covenant, what he saw was the original Ten Commandments which were not touched by Moses’s hand but the Word of God, the standard of all created beings, the transcript of God’s character!  How could even one “tittle” or one “jot” be taken away?  It is just as valid today as when given to Moses, by example, and Adam and Eve, by word placed within their hearts.  It is the standard by which you and I are to be judged, are being judged, in fact, this very moment!

No, my friends, the Ark of the Testament is still filled.  It is not empty.  It still has relevance in the Sanctuary of God, where Christ is still mediating on our behalf.  Do not be found to be one of those who attempt to destroy what can never be destroyed, by your mouth, actions or understanding.


December 14, 2016