“Light has been given me that the cities will be filled with confusion, violence, and crime, and that these things will increase till the end of this earth’s history.” (Testimonies to the Church, Volume 7, page 84.)

When was the last time you heard a rabbit taking out a whole colony of rabbits because of radical beliefs.  The old joke hunters tell, “Ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun”, is something which makes us smile but there is a certain truth understood, violence we are seeing in our cities and even in once-thought safe suburbs is occurring and will only get worse.  While it is unlikely you or I will be the victim of a mass shooting, there is still no safety because individuals are singularly shot by law officials, robbers or disgruntled employees. It sort of makes everyone suspect. In my circle of friends, there has been no one who has been victimized, so far, by a mass shooting, although, I did lose an aunt by a shooting, how many of you can attest the same sad story?

As in the case when Christ warned the inhabitants of Jerusalem about the soon-coming violence, many did take heed and their lives were spared.  The sad truth, millions did not and their lives were violently taken, and if you place yourself in their position, what would have been your last thoughts!  What are your thoughts today because the same warning given by Christ then, is the same warning given by Him today:  It is soon time to leave the cities.

I have to admit to being an absolute city-boy.  I was born in the city, raised in the city, lived in the city until I moved to the suburbs, but it cannot be considered “country” or “rural” and I truly detest being in that setting for varying reasons.  I also take some comfort and like to think I’m living close to the end of my life and my needing to depart for the hills is not likely, but who really knows where we are in this world’s experience since it is true the events which are occurring are rapidly unfolding.  I have even comforted myself with the thought since having been in the penal system, several times, it is not anything new to me and preferable than living amongst bugs—literally, so someone like me is better off since I have no fear being inside the walls, however, it is still not a desirable situation.  So, yeah, plans are afoot to remove to the suburbs even where I am today within the next three to four years.  Why?  I want a better quality of life.

In Christ’s warning He made it clear it would not be easy for those women who are dealing with small children, or those too close with respect to their religious beliefs and have idolized their buildings of worship, as well as those of us who might have attained a little bit of age and find it difficult to be as mobile as we once were when in our youth, but the point needs to be made, preparation begins today, not during the frightful event.  The Jerusalem dwellers left in 68AD, and those who stayed were left to the carnage in 70AD.

What is your calendar saying to you!


December 10, 2015