After forty days of wandering ancient Canaan, the land God had already given to Israel, the report from the spies was that it was a good land, for sure, but it was impossible to achieve it.  They raised many wondering objectives and had it not been for the two, Joshua and Caleb, who reported it IS possible, Israel would never have attempted to gain it, although it would cost them the next forty years of their lives.  Such is the case of many of us.

We’ve been told and assured, by Christ, He left to prepare for us a place.  Yet, too many of us are wandering and wondering never making positive steps toward this goal.  We doubt, we struggle, we complain.  We think it is too much for us.  Too many requirements.  Even those who wish to do away with the requirements then say it is still not possible for us, so live your lives as best you can while you are still alive.  They teach the concept of “grace” but yet not fully understanding how it works in the greater scheme of things.

Many of us live our lives wondering what God is doing with us.  Every week, we hear from those claiming to be inspired and chosen, even anointed, by God, to give us courage and motivation, but yet we choose to wander.  Look at our lives.  Look at the evidence of how you live and what you believe.  Can you honestly speak it is one of victory or living in complacency?  Do you have the attitude of, “Well, if I make it, I make it”?  Do you actually believe you do have a mansion?  That you will live for eternity?  Soon you will be face-to-face with Jesus?  Or, are you wandering without have a definite lifestyle of reading God’s Word, being involved in the ministry of Christ assisting others who, too, are wondering and wandering?

In the case of Israel, every individual over the age of twenty-one were not permitted to enter into the Promise Land.  Those persons who worried about their children being slaughtered died while those children, now grown up, did enter.  How many of you are denying yourself entrance and your lifestyle which your children see you live will prevent them from becoming believers, too?  When people want to discuss about this “good” God who they don’t believe who keeps His word about destroying that which is not worthy, I remind them of Noah’s time and ask the question, “How many babies died in the Flood?”  While they’re contemplating as if the question is so profound, the simple answer is, “All of them!”

My friends, it is now time to stop “wondering and wandering” because we do have a home which is not on this planet.  The reason why many of you are still breathing is because God cannot take you and allow you to sleep in Christ.  For the others, it is because you still have much to do, not only for yourselves but for those who around you who need your help to continue preparing them while you are working out your salvation.  So, let’s focus and continue making strides toward the land which is ours.


December 16, 2014


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