Today, our world, our country, the United States, is getting ready for court, and nobody really wants to go there.  There is a feeling, a lifestyle, an experience I have had which is helping me to understand what is really taking place in our lives at this time.  I will draw the analogy to help you understand what is happening.

When you are arrested you end up going to jail.  Jail is the easiest to do as compared with going to court while it is being IN court will result in one of two things:  (1) Freedom, but the more likely, (2) Prison.  Let me explain.

In jail, once you have grasp a hold of the fact, you are in jail, one begins to become comfortable with the experience.  Sure, there are some difficult moments dealing with personalities, inability to communicate freely with family and friends, but jail is also a good time, too.  Cable television, sometimes more than one.  Meals, some of which are pretty good.  Recreation, which is just about anything and everything.  Commissary, almost like going to the store for goodies.  Temperature controlled environment so you’re cool in the summer and warmed in the winter.  No real responsibilities.  One’s basic needs are handled and kept up to some sort of reasonableness and for many, being locked up was better than being in the streets or in some cases, where they lived previously.

The one thing an inmate, in jail, doesn’t want to know, or see, is when they look at the list which is printed and posted for those going to court.  Nobody really wants to see their name on the list.  Why?  Because it means having to get up earlier than everybody else and in some cases that means 4 or 5 am.  Then you’re brought to another room, overcrowded with other court attendees for that day.  Given a cold breakfast which you are sad it was not the good breakfast, often your favorite.  Then you are shackled and bound to each other, shuffled out to the waiting vehicles.  The only joy is being able to be out and about, seeing familiar places until you reach the sally-port where you are discharged from the vehicles and placed in another cell in the courthouse, unshackled and sit waiting for your name to be called.

No television.  No cards.  You hope it was not your commissary day.  No nothing.  Just waiting and putting on a good face in front of your associates and if you have one of those cases, and I mean, “one of those cases” you don’t want anybody else to know, you are glad to be in the kind of court where they don’t bring everybody at the same time.  So, now you’re called.  Shacked—again, and placed just outside the courtroom, where you are unshackled and step inside.  You stand there while the judge, prosecutor and your attorney are talking about you.  You cannot say anything.  Don’t dare to say anything.  Maybe the judge might ask a question and you respond, but all of what takes place is done in under five minutes and you’re returned to the holding pen where you will be given a cheesy lunch, not unlike what you would have gotten in jail, and hope they will take you back as soon as possible.  You already knew you weren’t going home, even if there was a little hope.  All of this just for three to five minutes!

Nobody wants to face the reality of going to court.  We, those of us who KNOW prophecy, too, have difficulty in facing the times in which we are living.  We would rather stay as we are, each day, living in comfort and ease, and it pains us every time we recognize soon our names will be on that last list, the one that tells us to get ready because we are going to court.

This explains why many of you persist in discussing President-Elect Trump in the way you do.  You are still not wanting to go to court and recognize your judgment is soon to be had.  You want to discuss anything and everything about how he’s not presidential.  Or he’s not paying attention to intelligence briefings.  Or he’s not releasing his tax returns.  Or, or, or and it has nothing to do with anything because the events on this planet, that which we have known for such a long time is getting ready to finish and God’s court, the time of our probation is nearly finished and it is difficult, for us, to think we are really having to deal with this awesome and fearful time and experience.  My friends, fear has never stopped what is to take place from taking place, and we need to recognize and willingly accept the fact of what is very apparent and facing us each day, nearer and nearer just as we awaken each morning.  WE ARE NEARING THE TIME OF SUNDAY LEGISLATION AND THE TIME OF TROUBLE.  This is the absolute truth and no amount of not wanting to see our name won’t help.

A man, or woman, who is comfortable with knowing truth and understanding prophecy will gladly welcome seeing his name on that list, for he/she knows their name is on another list, the Book of Life, and we are readying to be taken on that final journey, not shackled with chains of sin, but having the freedom we’ve sought for no matter how much they try to persecute or prosecute us.

I know what it is to see the large iron gate open.  I know what it is to be given a change of clothes from the jailhouse garb put upon me.  I know what it is to walk away on the other side of the gate as it closes behind me, to take my journey to wherever I am going to live—again.  I will soon know what it will be to see my name on a mansion, in heaven, being carried there by a loving Savior.

Let’s be ready.  We are nearing home.


January 7, 2017