The other day I had an experience which caused me some concern.  I had taken medication which helps in one area but affected me in another which was quite unexpected.  In a short period of time, I had disorientation.  I had three episodes where when I looked outside the vehicle I was riding, I didn’t know where I was!  For just a moment I thought I was experiencing what some do when they’re dealing with Alzheimer’s. When I got home I looked up the medication, along with my age and learned this could be a side-affect.

I had told the taxi driver where I was going so I rest confidant he would get me to my destination.  I also had my mobile, so it would have been easy for me to utilize either Google maps or Waze app to give me directions to ensure I was headed in the direction I need in order to find my sanctuary, my home.  Now, I have had mind-altering experiences before, again due to drugs, albeit they were illicit, but this was the first time I had ever dealt with something which totally got me discombobulated.  There is a lesson to be learned here.

Each one of us, no matter the denomination, have this destination in front of us and we are hoping to make Heaven our final destination.  However, there are many distractions which often get us off the track and threatens to take us into directions we don’t want to go.  We will hear this belief and that belief, and this supposed truth and that supposed truth and if we do not have the guidance, the Scriptures, as the foundation of our belief, no doubt, we will eventually find ourselves in the destination not of our choosing, had we known to use the proper app, the “Bible app” to guide us along the way.

So, when you are having a moment of confusion, you cannot trust someone else to guide you.  That person might be undergoing their own moment of disorientation.  It is tantamount of flying and the pilot has a moment of disorientation.  If you think that’s bad, how much worse is it when he informs his copilot, “Buddy, better take over the controls.  I’m disorientated!”  And to hear the copilot, “I’d like to help, but I’m disorientated, too!”  You’re, we’re, and everybody is going down!

Keep your Bible app handy and use it as often as you need.  It will never steer you wrong.

August 5, 2017