It has been my pleasure while studying the Sanctuary Service to understand what previously before was taken for granted but this did not provide an in-depth understanding of what I am getting now, on my own, and while studying the pioneers who’ve gone on before have written for our help.  They’ve had to go through all of this, too, in order for doctrine to be established, blessed by the Holy Spirit, of course, which will illumine us today if we would but be serious about our own salvation.  Earlier this year I stopped attending church.  There was a reason for this.  I decided I would dedicate Sabbath in getting what I was not getting from the pulpit.  Could this be a reflection on the type of messages we are hearing today?  Yes.  Could it be the men we have now standing before us may not themselves understand these most important messages, and their preaching is superficial?  Yes.  I cannot compare the messages of my youth to what is being preached today simply because I didn’t understand while in my youth; however, I am now old and I have a responsibility to understand subjects and what will occur once I understand?  I don’t know—yet.  So, this is why I write.

I’m sure you have heard people say it is impossible to be sin-free while being on this side of heaven.  The phrase, “no one is perfect” is tossed about more as a license to allow people to live in their sin and find acceptance.  Too often the other phrase, “Who are you to judge me?” is thrown at those who are tasked with sharing their witness despite the discomfort of those who will hear messages which were geared for helping them to change their lives.  So, rejection, becomes a major part of our lives.  We reject messages which we don’t want to hear.  We reject messages which reveal what we are doing.  We reject those who bring those messages to our hearing, and in the end we are “rejected” for “rejecting” what God has done in our lives!

But I want to tell you today when the Bible says,

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” Matt 5:48 (KJV)

Is not an option but a command.  Why would Christ tell us to do this if it were not a possibility?  Oh sure, it is easily explained to be “perfect” in our “sphere” as God is perfect in His.  This is belittling truth and minimizing an experience anyone of us is capable of having, and we are being told, not requested, not suggested, but told to be so.  To-be-perfect!  And, today, while studying further on the Sanctuary, a document which I’m studying and if completed will post today as a “Note”, when you have a more fuller understanding of the part which deals with the “Atonement”, you then begin to see what Christ commanded, what your friends who sit alongside you in the pews says is not possible, IS possible and if it is not achieved, well, you can kiss heaven good-bye!

When you study the word “atonement” (at-one-ment), you will learn something I hadn’t realized before.  In the Old Testament, say, if someone had leprosy, and believed it was cured, what happened?  The priest had to come out of the city and examine the individual they’d previously determined had the disease.  Now, this person would be declared “clean” and had to make a certain sacrifice to complete the atonement process.  But did you get the point?  They were declared “clean” from whatever defect they had.  In other words, an atonement could not be made until the person was clean!

Let’s fast-forward to our time.  In my youth, and now as I’m older, I’ve come to understand this:  if a person, newly baptized, and done rightfully so should then have a heart-attack, this person would be saved into the Kingdom when Christ returned.  Can we not agree, at that time, this person when raised from the water is not perfect?  He, at that very moment has no sin, so what would prevent them from being saved?  Nothing.  They hadn’t even the chance to commit a sin.

We believe Christ is now in the Most Holy Place absolving each and every one of us who are doing God’s will, of our sin.  We’re looking for our name to be cleared, not only by what Christ is doing but what we are doing in partnership. When Christ has pronounced, “It is finished”, and the Atonement process is over, wouldn’t this be indicative we are now sin-free?  Could this be why the 144,000 who will then be subjected to the “Time of Trouble” be said there could be found no guile in the mouth, hadn’t been adulterous in their relationship with God (virgin), and the Bible states they are “without fault” which means, they are perfect!  So, who is to claim this is not achievable?  It IS achievable and in fact, if you do not achieve it, prior to death, you will wake up being lost in the resurrection.  What is beautiful is this group will go through this period of earth’s worst history and yet they will not be found to have one stain of sin upon them.  They would exactly replicate the life of Christ while this earth remain prior to the Second Coming and were they given any special “holiness” or anything we’re not able to have today, right now?  No.  In fact, Noah and Job were described as being “perfect” before God so what is stopping you from being “perfect” before God today, right now?

Abraham was selected by God before any outward indication he had to follow through to show he was acceptable.  The outward display was for man to take notice he was separated from them, but God caused the separation because of his heart, belief and faith.  We have the same heart beating within our chest, capable of having the same belief and faith, and there is nothing stopping us but ourselves and our unbelief in thinking we’re not capable of attaining perfection because of a particular pet-sin which we believe keeps us from enjoying the full benefits of God’s grace.  That’s a lie from the pit of hell and satan enjoys telling it because we gobble it up and have become comfortable thinking we’re beyond ever reaching perfection in our situation right now.  Remember, my friends, God’s proclaiming you are sin-free takes place AFTER you are sin-free!  Not before.

This is what “atonement” is all about.


June 6, 2015


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