I’m reminded of the time I visited friends at their home and their youngest daughter, about three, was entertaining me with a story about a train.  She could have been two, actually, but what was so fascinating was her communicable skills. Spoke clearly, assuredly and interactively.  When the amazement was showing on my face, the obvious question appearing, the given answer was:  “We never spoke baby-talk to her.”  If this is what made the difference, then this has made the difference.  I’ll honor the family, the “Brittons”, for they, the parents knew how to raise children who love the Lord and honor Him by their witness today.

“Jesus saith unto them, Have ye understood all these things? They say unto him, Yea, Lord.” Matt 13:51 (KJV)

“Have you understood all these things?”  Is an excellent question, yet one in which is not taken seriously.  I chuckle within when I read certain posts from people attempting to explain the Scriptures, when it is the “thee’s and thou’s” which confuses them, and yet they wish to dabble in Greek and Hebrew and can’t spell English, their only language properly! Let me give you a clue:  “God never designed salvation to be difficult to understand.”  It is when we deal with issues which are not salvific is when the tendency comes in to confuse others because we ourselves are confused!  Jesus likened it to blind people following other blind people and we see that so evident in our churches, regardless of whether yours is opened on Sunday or Sabbath.

I had a professor who never answered a question during the semester.  His response would be when you asked was, “It’s in the Book! (Bible)”.  And, he was right.  All answers pertinent to our salvation is found in the Book.  If I were to begin a sentence using the word, “In”, many of you would rattle off, “…the beginning God…”, while others of you would make it into a question, “what?”  It is the difference between understanding or not.

The greatest tool I’ve learned, as an author, is when people have a question about anything I’ve written is simply ask me!  Doesn’t it make sense, since I wrote it?  Well, what about God and the Bible?  Doesn’t it make sense to ask Him, since He’s the One responsible for it having been written in the first place?”  Don’t attempt to understand Paul’s life or John’s, because it won’t help you.  They were told to write and Inspiration gave it to them.  ASK GOD.  He promised the Holy Spirit would be there to guide and teach, so let Him do what only He can do.

Leave all that other stuff alone.


June 8, 2016