There are many people of whose path we may cross in our journey who may fall in either one or the other classification:  (1) Those who will not believe, and (2) Those who cannot believe.  However their situation it does not change the Bible nor how God will deal with them.  And these two groups, although you may think they are one in the same, are not!  They are totally different.  Both can receive help and yet both can be fatal insofar as our eternal lives are concerned.


Is defined in this way:  having a lack of religious belief, an absence of faith.  Also, another term would be “disbelief”.

No matter what you do, what you say and how you show them evidence of a particular subject, your witness fails to reach the person.  They understand what you are saying, have seen the evidence of your presentation but something within them will not allow them to crossover the path, which could be evidence of custom, tradition or some other hidden agenda.  Now, this does not have to apply to so-called worldly people, but can also be attributable to people who consider themselves “Christian” too!  Let me explain:  I was surprised to see a friend’s post already having a pagan “Christmas” tree in their home, a wreath on their gate and exclamation of how this is their favorite time of year.  So much evidence is given discrediting this tradition and yet because of their “unbelief” they cannot seem to come to the ONLY conclusion between what is “right and wrong”.   Would this exemplification of “unbelief” be any different whether you are Christian or not?  No.  Unbelief is unbelief, no matter who it is.

Inability to Believe

Is defined in this way:  unable to do something, for example, to accept new ideas, lack of ability, incapable, powerlessness, impotence and helplessness.

The people in this category are without the ability to conceptualize what is truth and how to go about receiving it.  I can say about my college “attempt”, I found myself several times unable to understand, no matter how much I tried to get what was going on.  I will share one experience.  I was sitting in a chemistry class, with my newly bought, expensive book, mechanical pencil and pen set, crisp ruled paper and loose-leaf 2 inch binder, prepared for this wonderful experience called, “college”.  I sat for more than hour listening to the professor, writing what he wrote on the blackboard, thinking I’m right there with him when all of a sudden everybody got up, went to the back of the room and began doing things in the lab.  I was perplexed!  I didn’t hear the professor say what we were going to do, when it was going to be done or where it would take place, yet everyone around me did!  Even though I paid a lot of money for the class, I got up and gathered my things and left the room, never to return!  I determined if I could not get what was going on in the first two hours of a class, where would I be in the next whatever weeks of the semester!  If you’re going to be lost in the beginning, will you not be lost in the end without something radical taking place?  And I didn’t see anything “radical” taking place for Roy except to move on without getting anything from it.

And this is the plight of many.  They “move on without getting anything from” what you are sharing regarding religious matters of history, prophecy or understanding what, for many, may be simplistic Bible teaching.

I know within myself I am truly blessed.  I know this!  I even “know” that I know this!  Why and How?  Because, I am not confused regarding what I believe and I can see how it totally fits together without even being at the endpoint.  When I read certain posts and see the debates and arguments, I’m thankful God has seen fit to assist this ignorant man so His Word makes sense and I cannot claim unbelief or the inability to believe.  But it does not stop my frustration with those who have not been blessed or have refused the blessing God would extend them.

Now, of course, there are those who think they know, but they don’t know and they live in their bliss!

I just need continued help with that part of my religious experience dealing with them!


November 30, 2015