Of late, discussing the “Sanctuary” with a loved one who is under the impression, as with many, who have heard and believed in the “Sanctuary” doctrine, when Christ died and entered the Sanctuary, this resolved the issue and the events which transpired in 1844 have no significance because they believe what took place on the Cross assured them of a place in the Heavenly Kingdom.  THIS IS A WRONG BELIEF!

In my morning’s devotions, I came across this quotation:

“I was pointed back to the proclamation of the first advent of Christ. John was sent in the spirit and power of Elijah to prepare the way of Jesus. Those who rejected the testimony of John were not benefited by the teachings of Jesus. Their opposition to the message that foretold His coming placed them where they could not readily receive the strongest evidence that He was the Messiah. Satan led on those who rejected the message of John to go still farther, to reject and crucify Christ. In doing this they placed themselves where they could not receive the blessing on the day of Pentecost, which would have taught them the way into the heavenly sanctuary. The rending of the veil of the temple showed that the Jewish sacrifices and ordinances would no longer be received. The great Sacrifice had been offered and had been accepted, and the Holy Spirit which descended on the day of Pentecost carried the minds of the disciples from the earthly sanctuary to the heavenly, where Jesus had entered by His own blood, to shed upon His disciples the benefits of His atonement. But the Jews were left in total darkness. They lost all the light which they might have had upon the plan of salvation, and still trusted in their useless sacrifices and offerings. The heavenly sanctuary had taken the place of the earthly, yet they had no knowledge of the change. Therefore they could not be benefited by the mediation of Christ in the holy place.” –Early Writings, page 259

“…could not be benefited by the mediation of Christ in the ‘holy place’.”

This is the key phrase.  Christ did not enter into the “Most Holy Place” until much later.  His death, which happened “outside” the court, needed to have His blood brought within the “first” compartment of the Sanctuary, which was accomplished upon His returning to Heaven “after” His death and before His return to earth to meet with His Disciples before His return, again, to Heaven.

It is ONLY by studying the ancient Sanctuary service are we able to fully comprehend what the Heavenly Sanctuary service is all about.  Christ entering into the first compartment was not the “atonement” for our sins.  It is not until the second compartment experience which actual atones, and this is what Christ is doing now before He returns—again, this time to receive His Bride.

The Sanctuary service is alive and well and it will benefit those who wish to be saved to fully understand what is happening in order to be a part of the experience.  To be “left out” is to be “left out” of the heavenly experience soon to come.

May 20, 2015


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