In a post a young man stated, “I believe…” and went on to share his belief regarding the Sabbath being “spiritual” and not “physical”. As his elder, I’m obligated to provide him with something he hasn’t learned–yet. Truth. He’s learning, but he hasn’t learned. I was in the same situation many years ago, but there can be no doubt today.

Now, whenever discussing religious themes there can only be one of three outcomes: (1) He’s right and I’m wrong, (2) I’m right and he’s wrong, or (3) We’re both wrong, because it is for certain, we both cannot be right if we’re saying something different! I love it when people say, “We’ll find out when Jesus comes.” My Friends, that’s the time you DO NOT want to know you were wrong!

God has given us His Word. His Word is infallible. It’s the “total” truth, not partial. It doesn’t need you or me to defend it. It stands all by itself. Please do not think there can be any agreement or reconciling with error when it comes to truth, because if it did, it wouldn’t be truth any longer.

Yes, there are many, many denominations and they’re all saying something different, but do not think for a moment God hasn’t left a people who are living truth. Who are witnessing to the truth. Who stand for truth. We may have our sinfulness condition, but it doesn’t change truth. It changes us! When someone goes contrary to Isa. 8:20, that’s my indication not only where I stand but where they stand. I’m no longer in the mode of “convincing” anyone of anything. It is my responsibility and “commission” to share my experience with Jesus. It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to do whatever convincing is necessary and bring about conviction. The problem with me, and I admit it, in the past and perhaps you’ll agree for yourselves, we’ve been attempting to do the Holy Spirit’s job!

In all my years of studying, witnessing and living, I’ve come to know two other absolutes: (1) There IS a God, and (2) I’m not Him.


August 3, 2014


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