In my morning’s devotions, I came across this quotation, “When the Lord has a genuine channel of light, there are always plenty of counterfeits. Satan will surely enter any door thrown open for him. He will give messages of truth, mingling with the truth ideas of his own, prepared to mislead souls, to draw the mind to human beings and their sayings, and prevent it from holding firmly to a “Thus saith the Lord.””

Have any of your ever came across a counterfeit such as money or a ticket?  Perhaps something more easily determined like a watch bought on the street or Tijuana?  Perhaps many are more familiar with relationships which were counterfeit.  You thought you had something but it turned out not to be so.  We’re warned before Christ returns the enemy will personate angels of light and even Christ, and I need to be very direct regarding this statement, how will you know the difference especially since he’s that good?

Think about this for a moment:  there is only one church of Christ yet we have so many counterfeits.  Sure, Jesus said, “I have many sheep which are not of this fold…” doesn’t imply He has many “folds”, just “sheep”, who are lost.  I was told by my stepmother who worked as a toll-collector their training, as well as those who work in banks, is not to try and discover the various techniques of counterfeit money, but simply to know the genuine.  This has to be the same method in being able to distinguish the “true” church of Christ versus the counterfeits the enemy would rather have you participate because he knows if he can get you caught up into thinking you are doing the right thing, you’ll go to hell, with him, feeling satisfactorily you’ve accomplished something.

Are you aware before Christ returns satan will impersonate His return?  How will you know the difference?  Are you aware there will be but one distinct difference?  If you don’t know what it is how will you know what will be happening right in front of your eyes is the counterfeit?  Satan has already created counterfeit churches which closely resembles Christ’s church!  These counterfeit churches have minister who preside and preach messages with truth mixed with error.  These same churches have choirs or singing groups which sing gospel music which has truth mixed with error, yet it is so pleasing to us and yet we have no idea it is his, satan’s music, so mixed with truth and error it is next to impossible to detect!  His, satan’s influence and spirit is so intertwined in the services to make such an impression upon the members, who quite frankly do not know the truth, so they’re caught up in believing their worship is accepted, by God, Sunday after Sunday, and haven’t a clue their whole worship is in vain!

Jesus said a mouthful when He said these words, “The truth shall make you free.”  Free from all error.  Free from all deception.  Free from accepting a counterfeit by knowing the genuine.  Unfortunately, many of you are already deceived by this counterfeit and haven’t a clue and you defend your counterfeit just as hard as those who are trying to share with you the genuine.  No one likes to hear they’ve been wrong, but the truth of the matter is, some of us ARE wrong, but are you willing to give up that which is not true?  Are you willing to continue being wrong knowing you are wrong and continue to defend your wrong position as if by some miracle it will turn out to be true?  I bought a, well, so-called “Rolex” while in Tijuana many years ago.  It wasn’t until I met someone with a Rolex who showed me the difference.  It was just that easy but I continued to wear it because many wouldn’t know that difference and would believe the lie I was so ready to continue defending.  Such as we with regards to our faith!  Many continue to defend and try to be happy knowing what they have isn’t real.  It’s a counterfeit.  It’s sad when we’ve come to the point, in our lives, wherein we’re more satisfied with the counterfeit and won’t accept the genuine even when offered!

So, you believe you have the genuine faith, the “real deal”?  Let’s ask this question which I alluded earlier because if you don’t know the answer, well, you’re well on your way to deception by the counterfeit you believe.  Actually, I’ll ask two questions:  (1) What day is the Sabbath day to be kept holy? and (2) When Jesus comes what won’t He do which the counterfeit will do?  Now, the answers are in the Bible.  Do you know your Bible well enough to distinguish between the true or counterfeit?  Some of you even use counterfeit Bibles!  Yeah, the enemy is that good!  If, and I say it with more emphasis, IF, you really know your Bible, you won’t fall for the counterfeit.

And, you should!


November 12, 2014


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