This morning the thought occurred, “when we’re trying to witness to others about the soon coming of Christ, we tend to present too much information for them to absorb all at once.  We need to limit to that which is more Biblically-based, and the rest will follow.”

I cannot but conclude when I read Revelation 12:17 about the two characteristics of the “remnant” church, the “keeping of the Commandments of God” and “testimony of Jesus Christ” and their import.  THESE are the two messages which is necessary when witnessing to those who don’t know.  The point is this:  most of our witness will be to those who already have a relationship, howbeit, not a “proper” relationship with Christ.  Their understanding of the “testimony of Jesus Christ” conflicts with the first part, the “keeping of the Commandments of God”.  They must be taught how to two go together.  They believe Jesus is responsible for not “keeping” the Commandments and this is the problem.  This is why Sunday-keeping churches will NEVER be able to qualify for heaven as we approach end-time events.  They have to be shown how His death validated the Ten Commandments and continues its obligation upon you and I.  However, we ply them with too much information in other areas.

When we study the time of Noah, another end-time event, we learn the message he presented was simply this, “get onto the boat”.  The Bible states he was “just” and “perfect” which tells me Noah probably was already following the Health Message.  He was a fine example of Dress Reform; however, I don’t see where either in Scripture or Spirit of Prophecy where he delve in other significant truths, for that time.  When I read the “Third Angel’s Message” the message for our time, Revelation 14:9-12 is repeating Revelation 12:17.  The first angel’s message regarding “judgment” has been made and nominal Christians already know and believe about the “Judgment”.  The second angel’s message regarding “Babylon” has already been established; however, there remains a few who still need to come out, but we MUST EMPHASIZE the two characteristics to prepare the people BEFORE Christ returns by the “keeping of the Commandments of God” (Ten Commandments) and the “faith of Jesus”, which is His testimony and how they do not conflict but together will cause the distinction of who is God’s people and who aren’t, but think they are!

Our witness should not be about the “Health Message”.  That’s for us.  Our witness should not be about “Dress Reform”.  That’s for us and God knows how we fail in both—greatly, so if we cannot seem to get it right why present these to them which is not the point of the witness.  You see, when they have come to accept the two qualifications for salvation, THEN and ONLY THEN will they be receptive to the “Health Message, Dress Reform and the Sanctuary Service”. During the time of the Apostles after Christ’s departure, the church had the same issue with trying to require those to do much more than necessary in order to receive salvation.  Along with Paul’s help, it was boiled down to what was necessary and the people were more receptive and we should learn, today, to do the same.

What we have is good and necessary but our focus should be on those two distinct qualifications which the people can readily see and then decide to make the commitment how these two work together before moving onto the more complex and, yes, necessary parts of becoming God’s TRUE people for these end-times.


April 3, 2015


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