…That is truly the question!

In speaking once to the people, Jesus told them a wicked man who made decisions to benefit himself when hard times came would be considered wiser than those who did not.  In the parable of the “Unfaithful Steward”, Jesus said these words, “And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations.” Luke 16:9 (KJV)  Many do not use or even consider this wise statement and I’ll explain to you how.

As regarding the Law of God, there are many, too many, in fact, who preach and teach we’re no longer “under the Law” meaning, there is no obligation to follow God’s Law because of some errant belief we’re “under Grace” which took away our need to follow God’s Law.  Now, it is interesting, to me, there is no Law of the Ten Commandment which is offensive and is not encouraged to follow except that Fourth Commandment which speaks in regard to keeping the “Sabbath Day holy”.  Ummm, why is that?  Think about it, EVERY Commandment is fine except this one.  So, people justify their actions by worshiping in congregational worship on Sunday, saying the Law is burdensome and against man, when every part of it is good.  We don’t want to lie, steal, commit adultery or covet, do we not?  We wish to honor God, not use His name in vain or set up images to represent Him, which is all good, but we want to make the one about the Sabbath null and void, and then throw the whole Law out because of one commandment!

I have no regret, as well as no pride when I make this next statement, “I’m thankful for ‘street-smarts’ because while living in the street it helped me survived where many others got shot, stabbed or died of overdoses.  I’m still here.”  I also learned, too, I’d rather have the drug I could buy now instead of waiting for what I’m told will be better later and more in quantity.  The old saying, “A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.”  Street smarts.  Wise sayings.  Wisdom for those who will hear.  Now, how would I apply this in a religious sense?

According to Scripture, it says I must keep God’s Law in order to receive salvation and maintain salvation.  In other words, one cannot enter into heaven without having kept God’s Law.  Now, the other school of thought is this:  I don’t need to keep God’s Law in order to be saved.  So, keep the Law or not?  That is truly the question.  Can one be kept out of Heaven by keeping the Law of God?  No, that even sounds a little foolish, doesn’t it?  Can one be kept out of Heaven by not keeping the Law of God?  Yes, now that’s true, but if I got this “grace”, then I might make it in!  So, if keeping God’s Law is not bad and can do me no harm, then doesn’t it make sense to go with keeping it, considering the penalty for not keeping it and finding out I needed to?  How about this scenario:  if I keep God’s Law and when I have made a mistake, I have grace to make it right, which then justifies me having kept the Law, so could I be lost then?  Nope.  It’s a win-win situation to me and the other an iffy, and the word on the street would have to be:  keep the Law.  You can’t lose!

So, my friends, what will it be?  Will you take a chance?  You do every day when you fail to honor what God requires:  keeping His Ten Commandments.


December 22, 2014


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