This is going to be a very candid message for those Adventists I’ve come across which are so into setting and predicting times.  I don’t know about others who might come across this post, but have you, too, met people who are speaking about such topics as:  The End of Probation (for Adventists), or Adventism Being Shaken and a purer Adventist group will emerge, or When the Latter Rain Will Fall?  And have determined dates for when these events are going to take place!

I just read in the book, “Selected Messages”, Chapter 23, this passage, of which I am in agreement:  “Should we advance in spiritual knowledge, we would see the truth developing and expanding in lines of which we have little dreamed, but it will never develop in any line that will lead us to imagine that we may know the times and the seasons which the Father hath put in His own power. Again and again have I been warned in regard to time setting. There will never again be a message for the people of God that will be based on time. We are not to know the definite time either for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit or for the coming of Christ.”

So this apparently means after 1844, which completed the longest Biblical “time” prophecy, there would not be any further time-related messages given to the people of God.  This should be an indicator itself of those who “claim” to have further “light” when in actuality, and they believe so much in Mrs. White, YET, they have overlooked this most important statement.

I had a man just this morning call me a “jesuit”, and it’s not been the first time, because I will not promote their theory or be in cahoots with their wanting to promote certain events which are not actual in themselves.  In other words, we know there is a “Time of Trouble” coming, but let’s let it happen without trying to kick-start it into existence.  Wait for it!  It’s a’coming!  Sis. White went on to say in the same chapter, the reason God won’t permit us to know anything further regarding “time” is because we will misuse it.  Well, ain’t dat da Truff, Rufus!

My point, Friends, If you know you have an appointment, but not quite sure of the time, if you are ready NOW, you will not have to worry about being ready for when the appointment occurs, no matter what time it happens.  Now, doesn’t this make sense?


August 7, 2014


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