God requires of us something which is so precious to us:  Our “time” and our “money”.  Neither of which we desire to do.  While many of us can get the time, we have trouble with the money part.  Then, the opposite is true for some.  They can get the money but not the time part; but seldom do both reach a successful end and then there is that other group which can’t get either right.  I won’t ask which one are you?  You know who you are!

While there are many who will attempt to justify we do not have to do either, one being an “Old Covenant thang” and the other, a “Levitical thang”, but the truth of the matter is, it is a “thing” for all Christians, whether you believe or not, whether you accept it not, whether you do it or not.  That which you “think” is not obligatory upon you doesn’t excuse you.  And when I speak of these matters, I’m not leaving anyone out and include myself as well.  I, too, could use a little work in this area.  Again, it is a matter of faith and a whole lot of trust, and in this case, the two words are meant to be separate for a reason.

I won’t get into the when historically either of these became a requirement, nor try to prove either being of necessity today, that’s between you and the Holy Spirit, but the purpose of this writing is to demonstrate a greater concern and that of “selfishness”.  Nobody likes to admit it, well, at least publicly they’re selfish.  Okay, let me be the first:  “I am selfish.”  I know I am and because I do I am able to receive help and instruction how to improve.  I know I need to do better and I intend to make it so.  Now, can you say the same?

These two areas are precious to us.  Can you imagine how precious it is to God?  In one case He says, “I have given you six just give Me one.”  And in the other situation, He says, “I have given you nine, just give Me one.”  Not a bad deal when you think about it, huh?  Some of us look down our noses upon extortioners, thieves and robbers, but the truth of the matter is, some of us carry these titles on our life’s resume.  Some of us cannot find good work because we’re thieves, liars, extortioners.  We’ve been convicted of these charges and as a result, we don’t have a high expectation on getting that Fortune 500 job anymore.  Why is it you think you can have a “right” to Heaven having been convicted of the same when it comes to the Sabbath or Tithes?”

Now, while it is true, we’re able to fool man about our history.  I know this personally, because I’ve done it plenty of times, but sooner or later you get that phone call to stop down to the manager’s office, or the Human Resources department AND bring your things!  You know what’s going to happen before you get there.  You’re outta job and you won’t be coming back.  Well, there will be no sneaking into the Kingdom of God and thinking Peter won’t be calling.  You can’t fool God.

Let’s try and do better and after we’ve tried, let’s be successful in both of these areas!


October 6, 2014


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