When I was about 18 I woke up one Monday morning getting ready for work and wondered what I had done that weekend. I watched television, and all the games, and none of them made a difference in my life.  In fact, I could not remember what I had watched, even the shows after and in between games. It was then I decided I would not ever do that again. Now, instead of watching all the games which lead up to the championship, now I watch only the championship game, thereby saving hours.  Not only that, nobody I had watched on television would wake up, take a shower and go put on a jersey which had my name and number on their back.  Why would I do this for others?

I only involve myself in that which counts, not what leads up to what counts.

I heard someone state sports was an invention of the devil to occupy men’s minds to prevent them from doing more constructive, soul-saving, virtuous work.  Now, I’m sure many of you, especially those who are “addicted” to sports and I use the word judiciously, will beg to differ.  Even when sports is a form of exercise, it can be overdone.  But, what is the justification of “watching” sports?  When I count all the cigarettes I smoked, at three packs a day, and do some logistics, the 60 cigarettes times their actual cost, along with the stated time loss of life, and look at a pack today, it makes me sick.  Consider the same for watching sports on television.  Regardless of it being the best seat in the arena, consider the time spent, each weekend, along with any particular day(s) of the week, times the season, times the year, and consider multiple sports if you happen to be a fan of multiple games—WOW, should be the consideration of the time spent, much of which involves commercials along with time-outs.

How much “out of time” is involved in your life viewing “time-outs”—never mind the actual game time?

What could you accomplish insofar as your salvation issues?  Or the salvation of others you could be involved in?  Envision Noah preparing for imminent destruction and in those 120 years of knowing God is going to do something, how much time do you see, hear or visualize which was not recorded of football, European or American style, basketball, baseball, hockey, volleyball, you name it.  Some can recite the stats of teams and individual players and not be able to quote the Ten Commandments, verbatim, without looking!  Which will have more of an influence on your salvation?

So, now you know why I only watch the finals, super bowls, and that mostly for the commercials, and World Series, maybe.

I didn’t stop smoking to have more life to waste it behind watching somebody else live their dream.

time counts

June 8, 2016