When I read my post from “The Addict’s Devotional” for today about “Trust”, which I wrote 5 years ago, I’m reminded of a time when I lived in a different kind of trust, as an addict.  I trusted when I got money for drugs the dealer would be where I had always found him.  If I couldn’t find him, I trusted some “strawberry” (female crack smoker) would be available to assist me in my quest to get drugs.  I trusted the motel room or crackhouse I’d end up would be safe from any raid from the police.  I trusted when I got the drugs to where I would use them, they would be of good quality and give me the high I so badly needed.  I had to trust the strawberry who was smoking with me, in my fit of paranoia she wouldn’t make her way to the door with my drugs.  I had to trust when the binge was finished, I still had a job, a home to go to, and no one was searching for me.  So many issues about “trust”.

Drug addiction is a serious matter and those who are involved in the clutches can only understand.  Those of us who have gratefully left the life behind still remember, and those who were affected, or “are” affected today because of someone in their life who is addicted, they understand, too.

I can remember my “thirst” for crack cocaine was so strong, how I’d try to smoke just about anything to acquire some type of high.  Anything I found on the floor while in my “geek” stage, and I’m sure someone knows what I’m talking about.  I had stones which were released from my salivary gland due to being surgically removed, which were created because of the imbalance of electrolytes in my system, because of my addiction, tried to smoke them, too!  I can be honest and admit to the thought:  If drug clinics can test urine for cocaine, I wonder if I can crystallize my urine and smoke it!  That’s how serious I was while in my addiction.  There were times when crack was sold in plastic vials we called “caps” or small plastic baggies, and I’d swallow them because I suffered paranoia thinking the police were about to raid where I was, later to excrete them, searching through it to recapture those bits of the drug which survived my stomach and intestinal tract, just to get another high!

Sounds disgusting?  This is how sin is.  It IS disgusting.  How do you think God views those addicted to sin?  He pities us because it didn’t have to be this way.  Some of the repulsive acts and behaviors He has to see which are committed by those, like you and me, He loves.  Now, THAT, is love to the extreme.

This particular Sabbath, let’s decide to stop our filthy acts and behaviors.  Let’s begin anew because He is more than willing and capable to help us to stop living the lives of being addicting to sin.

Ask Him, today, for help.  I promise you, He will not ignore you.  I’m a witness.


September 27, 2014


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