Now, I understand!  I understand why so many hear this and are not able to understand the basis for which it is given:

“This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.” John 15:12 (KJV)

There are those who believe this commandment, given to the Apostles, by Christ, supersedes God’s Ten Commandments, but in fact, really points back to them.  Think about it.  Christ is directing His Disciples to show love to each other, in the way He has shown them.  They were getting ready for some difficult times, and when He died, and would leave them, physically, for the duration of their lives, they would have the tendency of separating  and becoming estranged from each other.  This would have been fatal to Christ’s church, so He commanded them to do as He had done to and for them.

Little do those who believe this is “Christ’s” commandment they fail to realize Christ is pointing to God’s Commandment.  Think about it, “How does one ‘love one another’?”  In fact, if you don’t know the truth about it, you could never satisfy Christ’s command.

This is the basis of the complete Ten Commandments:  You demonstrate and show man, family and friends, without even the exception of enemies by doing this: honoring parents, not murdering, adultery, stealing, lying and being jealous of what someone has.  Can you possibly come up with any other method or better way than just outlined by the Ten Commandments?  I can’t.

And the other is like it:  How do you show love to God?  Simply this:  You don’t put anything or anyone ahead of Him, you don’t represent Him by anything man-made, you honor His name and you worship Him according to how He commands.  Is there any other way or method you could suggest which has not been outlined by these first four Commandments?  I can’t.

It is through the Ten Commandments we develop, sustain and maintain our relationship both to God and to our fellowman.  Without which, we have nothing.  Jesus didn’t give any “new” commandments which would take the place of what He had already given at Mt. Sinai, and at Creation.  He just needed to remind us how to keep them, getting rid of the mess other heaped upon them, and when He did so it appeared as new, but they were the same ones from the beginning and they will stretch all the way to the end, as if it were possible there could be an end.

They are here for eternity!


March 1, 2016