This morning as I posted my “Addict’s Devotional” for the day, I read the comments of a young lady to the message of that particular day touched her situation.  It always amazes me, how something I wrote many years ago, has practicality for someone today, someone I did not know, probably will never know, but words given me has proven effective, needful and appreciated.

As I begin 2016’s study, the year I will finish reading the “Testimonies to the Church”, among other books, I have come to see how blessed we, members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, really are.  What other denomination can claim to have such an author, whose writings are second only to the Bible?  As my devotional filled the void for those experiencing addiction, whether user or family or loved ones of users, the type of help which cannot be gotten elsewhere, the same could be said about the Spirit of Prophecy writings.  While it is written for the world, primarily they are written for God’s “Remnant” church to have received something nobody else can claim.

When I spoke to a church this past Sabbath, I was alarmed how many of us do not read.  We don’t read the Bible and we surely do not read the Spirit of Prophecy, and it makes me wonder what holds some people within the protective fold because, without my daily dose of reading and because I’m a writer, I am especially connected to the not only “printed page” but the “writer’s pen”, so what is their sustenance?

With all the confusion regarding doctrine, what is the “sure word of faith” which can be depended upon if no one takes the time to read?  While it is wonderful to have “preaching”, it is more beneficial to have “reading”, for when they complement each other, growth and foundational history is built, without which, I would be lost in the world of deception and purposeful distraction.  Even Christ used the writings of the prophets and He was the source, would it not be good enough for me to do the same?

Yes, discouragement comes.  As a writer, there are greater times of discouragement because a writer likes to have their work mentioned as being valued and significant.  I no longer write for money because I do not have to make a living, it is nice to know—still, the end result is achieved.  So, because of the commenter on my devotional, it has given me that extra hmpf to keep it going.  Someone benefited.  I give the same comment of appreciation to Mrs. White, this morning, for her willingness to be used, too, because there is no doubt, what she wrote over a hundred years ago still finds practicality within my own life.


January 11, 2016

Writer's Pen