This is going to be a revealing and sobering message; however, it needs to be said because it also involves all of God’s people.  God has a way of “educating” His people before events occur and let me explain how.

In 1989 I took my first hit of crack cocaine which precipitated me falling into addiction, culminating in losing my career with IBM two years later.  I left the property of nearly a twenty year work history shamed, in the middle of the night, classified as a drug user, and spurned which nobody wanted to be associated with such.  Interestingly enough, within two years, I understand EVERYONE who worked in the same building from which I was summarily dismissed lost their job, because of their policy of having never laid anyone off ended.  The way I looked at this situation was, I had a two year head-start at finding work before a huge mass of people would now be in the same boat I was in two years prior.  In fact, because of the massive restructuring, I was brought back, twice, and in one case worked in the same facility!  In the first instance was offered a permanent job but declined.  My addiction was still very much part of my life and it would have only been a matter of time before history repeated itself.

Two years ago, without going into details, I was called the “worse of the worse” because of an arrest ten years prior, a record I still bear and will have to carry the remainder of my life.  For the longest time I felt cheated, abused and castigated unfairly, characterized improperly and on many occasions wanted to end my life, remove myself yet somehow God has kept me going having blessed me beyond belief and consideration.  However, now I understand and can help prepare those of you who will soon be carrying this same title but haven’t a clue how to live your life should/when this takes place.  Many of you are concerned with regards to the “Time of Trouble”, some already fleeing to the suburban and some cases, rural areas, heeding the call to “get out of the cities”.  For some, your biggest fear is being thrown into jail and prison.  I often stated in a joking manner but it is the truth:  when the time should come they won’t have far to look for me because they’ll find me at the local KFC.  Incarceration is not a concern of mine having been there and done that, but for some of you, wouldn’t last a day once you heard those clanging doors and bars enclosing you.

The time is coming.  When “Sunday Legislation” takes place how will you be considered in the society of the world?  If you stand for the right, wouldn’t you be called:  fanatic, extremist, heretic, religious zealot, law-breaker, terrorist, the worse of the worse?  Wasn’t Jesus chosen to die in the place of a known criminal set free?  How about you?  Are you willing and ready to have handcuffs placed upon your wrists, chains wrapped around your waist and shackled about the ankles doing what we humorously call the “Sugar Shuffle” as they take you from your cell to the courthouse to be adjudged a criminal because of your belief, your adherence to keeping the Seventh Day Sabbath when the law of the land demands honoring Sunday, the first day of the week?  Will your ego allow you to be thrown among real criminals who will take your stuff, beat you down—physically, because they know you got this lifestyle about “turning the other cheek”?

You have no idea what it is like to leave your home and not be able to return.  I know what that’s like.  Returning years later and your prized “stuff” is missing and nobody can account for it.  I know what it is like to stand in a courtroom and hear charges brought against you, twisted and stated “for the record” and you’re not able to speak up for your own defense and the one hired or appointed is silent or doesn’t voice what you want them to say because it is not prudent or wouldn’t matter because the conviction and sentence has already been determined.  Will you remember THEN the real reason, the real big picture is not about you but Who you represent and you are just having to go through the motions which will determine if you are really a Commandment keeper or not.

Do you think escaping into the encampments, woods and hills is a ready solution you’re capable of doing when some of you can’t handle a simple headache without belly-aching and crying!  With the snows and frigid temps experienced this winter, do you possibly think you’re able to have found warmth and comfort?  Do any of you know what it is to find a subway grate where steam is being pushed through and you can find warmth by sitting on it, but there is a price to pay.  You see, once that part of your skin and clothing gets wet, the freezing temperature turns that part to ice while you’re warming the other half of your body.  How many of you think you’re able to make a meal out of what someone else didn’t want?  Or to sleep in such a way where your whole body is like an alarm system and it better otherwise when you wake up your stuff and shoes are missing!

This is what we have ahead of us.  Thankfully, NOW, I can see the Lord has been preparing me to do one of two things:  (1) To be able to go through that time, or (2) To warn those of you who will.  I know what it means when Jesus said, “Sell what you have and follow Me.”  For some of us, there will be no bargaining or selling, for it will be taken away.  Sure, He also said our “bread and water” will be sure, but it may not be served on a plate or from a cup, fresh and clean as if it came from your own kitchen.  Some of you have stood in soup lines feeding and have never been one who was fed; or to shower with a bunch of others, given a bunk, and told when and where you must go and do whatever it is they want you to do.

Be grateful for if we’re together, you will have someone who’s been through all these experiences.  It will be people, like me, the “worse of the worse”, who’ll show you how to keep your teeth and sanity from being knocked out or snatched away from you.

Yes, Jesus is coming again, but not before some awful events will first take place.


March 14, 2015


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