It is a Sunday afternoon, a day which I don’t intend to use much brain power.  A day I set aside to, if I want, do nothing but play video games, watch movies.  I spend the week days to study, research and write.  Saturday, the Sabbath, is given to worship—totally, as told by the Scriptures I should, “WE” should do, and Sunday is a day I can spend hours wastefully, without regret, but now, I’m thinking about you.  Yes, you!

Why you?

I’ve come to the conclusion there are two extremes in the religious experience:  (1) Those who “think” they know and, (2) Those who don’t care to “think” at all!  Yet, the last-day church is characterized as one who “thinks” they don’t need anything at all!  That’s truly scary because it encompasses both of these characteristics.  Those who “think” they know believe they have all they need and their way is the only way.  The others, well, don’t see a need to excel in understanding prophecy, having this false belief as long as they living a good Christian life, no matter what takes place in world events they’ll be saved, so they don’t care and don’t want to care and would have you not care—too, because they don’t believe anybody can really know anyway!

Yet, these words of Scripture are very provoking:

“Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.” Rev 1:3 (KJV)

Which side of the aisle do you stand?  We’re also told, by Christ, to “watch and be ready”.  One cannot be ready, without watching and watching involves “knowing”, um, “thinking” and “learning”.  It also involves accepting there is more to learn, and what may have been learned may not be correct, so like the old saying goes, “Back to the drawing board”.  We’re also told, in those few words of Scripture, understanding involves “reading”.  Reading not only the Bible, but also being able to “read” the signs and times which we’re experiencing today.  It means, sometimes, speculating until all the facts line up, here a little and there a little.  And the majority of you haven’t a clue when it comes to political news, what is being presented as well as what is not readily seen.  EVERY iota of what is taking place on our flat screens via CNN, BBC, or Fox News or whatever resource you utilize to get your current events, ALONG with comparing them against Scripture, which measures all things, has a profound meaning.  Again, I’ll repeat my often heard question:  “How many of you have even read the Scriptures, completely, from cover to cover, at least once?”  If you haven’t I’m really not interested in hearing from you nor answering your question because you haven’t bothered to put in the effort TO know!  So, you’re not standing anywhere anyhow.

A gentleman read one of my post, chose to ask a question, clearly not as a challenge, a personal challenge of my understanding of a particular topic, but he’s not able to equate what he read with what I wrote and fit within his thinking, and this is fine, but since the question originates with something I wrote, you write what you believe and then send it back and we can compare notes.  The whole point, HE IS THINKING!  He has something to say!  I just needed to guide him to SAY/WRITE IT!

What about you?  What do you have to say about what is taking place?  Are you going to “be an expert” or on the other side of the coin, “be a dummy” because you haven’t a clue, or one original thought about what is taking place?  The one thing I like about knowledge is that it leads to wisdom.  You see, “knowledge” is learning and “wisdom” is knowing how knowledge works and fits within the scheme of things.  So, please, don’t tell me all you need to know is that Jesus saves and He saved you and that’s all you need.  It’s not!  There is much more than this.  The Bible also says even the devil believes and that ain’t gonna save him.  What Christ did on the cross merely paid for the sins committed, but there’s still work to be done.  That was only the beginning, what He did, and it did not complete what is needed, for you and I.  He’s still going about some work, at this very time, for us.  Why is it we don’t go about some work, at this very time, for ourselves?

No sense in tuning in for the weather report if it won’t teach you anything and if you won’t prepare for what they tell you is going to happen.  I live in a country where they talk in Celsius, and that means nothing to me—for now, so I keep some gadget around which helps me to convert to Fahrenheit and millimeters to inches and kilometers to miles per hour.  Are you converting what Trump, Clinton and their minions are saying to logical facts you’re able to understand and then compare it with Scripture?  If not, you might as well lay down because you’re dead already without having the sense to do so!


July 24, 2016